Friday, February 04, 2011

A Fine Romance

Its been a bit of a roller-coaster of emotions at home this week, so I am just escaping to my blog for a couple of minutes to show you what I have made whilst at the shop this week.

Sold yesterday - Thank You!
I've made an assortment of romantic Valentine's inspired brooch pillows. I've used some lovely vintage and antique French fabrics, as well as a touch of lace. They all have their own vintage costume brooch too.






Always satisfying to have a pile of completed pieces ready to offer for sale...I shall be putting them into the shop window today.

I've more to say, but have to be away now...I would just like to thank all who left such lovely long comments to my last post...They were much appreciated and I would have loved to have replied to each one personally, but things have been unsettled at home.
I hope to be back soon,
Have a great day,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki ...
    Wonderful great pitcher with the roses!!
    I hope that we still have in our
    next Travel!! ;o))
    Valentine's creations are fabulous!
    I hope they like them so much!
    A dear greeting and good job, Maria.
    (with translator)

  2. glad that you have the shop and your handmades as an escape; its horrible when things are unsettled.
    Big hug winging its way across the ether, and a virtual cuppa!

  3. Hi Niki!
    I saw now that the wonderful large jug was sold .... sigh! ;o)
    I'm sorry...Maria.

  4. Oh My golly! I LOVE those little brooche pillows! I've never seen anything like them, what a great way to sell the brooches too! :)

  5. They are all so beautiful I wouldn't know which one to pick !

  6. They are beautiful, you are very clever! The vintage brooch really looks at home!

  7. Hi Niki
    Thanks for making the time to tell me that little story of you & Debbie, I could just picture you both! he he!
    I love the cushions they are so beautiful.
    Keep smiling & see you soon
    Tracey x

  8. What beautiful brooch pillows, Niki! I can certainly vouch for their exquisiteness, as I own one myself! It is fun to see you add the finishing touch of a brooch on each one! I hope all is well with everyone at your home... we had a very stressful time last fall with a death in the family (my art certainly was a welcome diversion in the midst of it all). Much, much love to you!

  9. Lovely items. A wonderful Valentine's gift. Hope things settle at home.

  10. Beautiful pillows, perfect Valentine gifts.
    Hope things get better for you and that you have a stress free and contented weekend.
    Carol xx

  11. Hello,

    very beautiful pillows and your blog.



  12. Absolutely beautiful cushions. I love the blue and rhinestone brooch too.

    Have only just read the post about your daughter having probs with others. Where do they get off moaning because she's worked harder? They should be admiring her! I think Judy Garland sings 'I practised when everyone had gone home' in A Star Is Born. It's a tought time for her and it hurts when our children are hurting, but she's the one who'll come out on top.
    Much love
    Andi xx

  13. Such sweet little pretties. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Mary B. in Texas1:24 am

    How do you buy a brooch pillow if you live in the United States. I love them. I have just discovered your blog. You have beautiful things.
    Mary B. in Texas

  15. Dear Niki
    I'm sorry to hear that you've had a difficult week. I hope the weekend has been more restful and that some of those tricky emotions have been resolved.
    Your brooch pillows look gorgeous, especially altogether. You've used lovely fabrics and images :-)
    I hope all's well with your daughter and her friends now. The tree on the bedroom wall is really effective, especially with the red/white contrast.
    Have a peaceful and soothing week ahead,
    Take care
    Denise x

  16. I am so sorry to hear about your's been so long between visits. I forgot how beautiful your blog is. Oh how I love those beautiful pillows. Take care Pinkie


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