Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weaving a Tale

Thought I'd just stop by to show how far I've got with the make-overs I mentioned on my last post...
This is the Lloyd Loom blanket box that I bought, which you can probably see needed smartening up...
I didn't want to change the original paintwork, as this will devalue a piece, but the upholstery was yucky!
First I removed the fabric that had been attached rather badly with bent nails! This revealed the old fabric beneath.
Rather than going down the usual route of a floral furnishing fabric, I thought I'd try something a bit different. I have several French food sacks from the 1960's that I have wanted to do something with for a while. Luckily, my favourite one was just the right size.
It was simply stretched and stapled over the original fabric, into the wooden frame of the lid. The excess was carefully trimmed away.
I had a card full of vintage braid, which was ideal for hiding the staples. This was glued in place.

Done! - Potting shed chic! Ideal in a conservatory/garden room, or rustic kitchen.
The little glazed dresser that I mentioned is still a work in progress, as it will need several coats of paint.
A quicker make-over was the one I had planned for this little file drawer.
I used a vintage toile de jouy cotton fabric glued in place.
It would make a lovely storage box in a sewing workroom.

I also painted this pine plate rack, which needed freshening up after a previous paint job!
It made it into the shop window today.
I'm sold - thank you!

I always find it strange how things turn up when I go out vintage shopping for the shop. Sometimes a certain colour scheme runs through my finds....sometimes an era links them...but this weekend it was a basket theme!
As well as the Lloyd Loom blanket box, I found this little wicker hamper...

I added the vintage china and linens, to make it a picnic set for two.
This fabulous 50's tea tray with basket sides continues the theme...
Fun and fabulous!
The tray sold today - Thank you!
And the pièce de résistance is this large French two tier storage basket stand.
Ideal in a country kitchen for keeping all your fresh produce to hand, or as a sewing basket perhaps?
Loosely continuing the basket story, (well, baskets are a form of weaving ;-)) I also found several weaving loom shuttles.
By coincidence, I found the old book about weaving too!
Other finds, completely unconnected, include some pretty framed pictures; one an original watercolour painting...
Some 50's greetings cards, most with padded satin inserts...

And a lovely old leaded light window pane.
Sorry there's been a lot of posts about my shop again...Tomorrow is my day-off, so hopefully I will have a day where I don't have to think about it...But then there is that dresser waiting for another coat of paint... :)
Niki x


  1. I love the Lloyd Loom make over, just perfect and your shop must look amazing with all those super finds.

  2. wow wow wow well done .I love the Lioyd Loom is georgieus. One day i gonna see yr shop.maybe in summer time

  3. Excellent makeover on the blanket box! Very cool! I've just got a corner Lusty's Lloyd Loom linen basket - they're so well made!

  4. You turned up some trump buys again. Hope you have a nice day off and that the rain stays away!

  5. I love the Lloyd loom piece, the grain sack looks fabulous, very rustic.
    Jo xx

  6. ooo i want all of these!!

  7. Love the make overs.There is a Lloyd Loom linen basket on the landing of my step mothers house which has been there as long as I can remember(She married my father after my mum died and stayed in our family home.My father died 30 years ago but she is still in the house).I would love to claim it but I think she would be really upset about it!

  8. a great haul, my favourite is the little file drawer, I love things like that.

  9. Fantastic, Niki! Since years I am looking for a plate rack! They don't seem to exist here. Sorry, I could not make it last Saturday to your shop, we just did not have enough time to come across from Portsmouth :-(. Is there a possibilty to make a reservation? I'll e-mail you.immor

  10. Oh my gosh! Just love the Lloyd Loom blanket box, if I could walk into your shop I would have bought it in a flash. Your idea of using the French food sack has just given the blanket box such a wonderful rustic look. But being in Australia it's just a tad to far to visit. I have a Lloyd Loom chair in my sewing room, which seems to be the same colour as your blanket box.

  11. I love the use of the French sack - they are quite expensive down here so I've never treated myself to one, but I it really works on something as traditionally British as the Lloys Loom. Super photos all round, Niki, and I always love to read how you found things and what you've done with them - thanks.

  12. Love the blanket box makeover, I'm sure all the "new" objects will soon find new owners.
    Carol xx

  13. Niki, lovely post again, thank you for taking the time. I really adore the LL, you have made a fantastic job of it, lovely colours. I also love the teatable/chairs display.
    T x

  14. OMG Niki - where do you find the time? Are there more than 24 hours in your day there. I wouldn't finish that many projects in a month! You are amazing!

  15. Hi Niki.
    It 's always a pleasure to visit your blog and take a walk in your delightful shops, sigh!
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  16. Wow, my first visit to your blog but defo not my last!! What amazing makeovers - you have inspired me, but where to start.....hmmmmm!!
    Jo. x

  17. Love the Lloyd Loom and cant wait to see the littel dresser completed. Are you allowed on Sophie Honeysuckles blog, I am gutted that I cant see her kitchen when it is finished, She was the second blog I found when I first put my toe in the water!! How on earth can you be allowed to read it - any ideas??

    Loved the Valentines greetings so much nocer that the bawdy things you see now. I have just unearthed a filing box like you have just covered in my Dad's loft. I am tempted now to cover it after seeing yours

  18. Dear Alchamillamolly,
    Sorry, no, I know nothing about Sophie Honeysuckles blog.

  19. Love what you've done to the Lloyd Loom...a different effect, but really works. And all those other pretty things...I can't choose between them.

  20. I just love those renovations Nicki, they look gorgeous, better than new xx
    Lynn xxx

  21. You never need to apologise for blogging about the shop.. I am itching to come over for a visit once I am able! Liz x

  22. love the french sacks .....do you have any left as I fancy doing a chair in them

  23. It's always a treat to visit your blog! So much loveliness

  24. Hi Niki, Have been looking at your blog (as I often do) and found one of my 'herb' signs. Have now taken the plunge and started own blog. It's addictive stuff! See you at Shepton Flea.
    Best wishes,


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