Monday, December 05, 2011

The Weekend...

'Twas a busy one...!
I stayed open late in my shop on Friday evening for the town's Christmas event...
My shop was suitably dressed before the crowds arrived...

Including lots to tempt inside as well...
With everyone assembled on the Market Place, all enjoying mince-pies and mulled cider, the countdown for the turning on of the Christmas tree lights began...
The switch was flicked by the carnival queen and the evening continued with carols and bell ringing.
When the crowds had dispersed, I then had to start loading up my car with some of the items from my shop, to take to the V&H fair the following morning.

An early start the next day and I arrived to find a larger pitch than I was expecting upstairs in the Chipping Sodbury Town Hall.
I set about dressing my table in anticipation of the busy day...
I used the fabulous tablecloth that was given to me by Susanna last year.
I was set up and ready quite quickly, so I had a quick flit around the hall, and downstairs before the doors were opened...

This was my neighbours stall with her beautifully covered lampshades.
Tea and cakes, courtesy of the local WI.

Jo was ready and waiting in the foyer.

And Louise had added the last finishing touch to her stall at the front of the main hall. Most of the other stall holders were still setting up, so keen not to get in their way, I headed back upstairs.

The sun had started to pour in through the large windows and so to try and shield my stall a little, I hung my three large angels from the window catches.
The doors opened to the public at 10am sharp and I'm glad to say that many did venture upstairs. It then hit me how tired I was and I'm still aware that I wasn't totally myself...I was saying some rather strange things at one point, as I just couldn't concentrate...But everyone who stopped for a chat was very supportive and kind. Thank you!
Several people suggested that I should put the prices up on some of my hand made products (particularly my dolls)...Which I have to say was very refreshing, as its usual in this line of business to have people haggling on price (even when an already reasonable price is being asked! ;-))
The sun streamed through the windows and during the day several ladies had to put on their sunglasses in order to see what was on my table! Marvellous December weather - what a treat!
There is a fab photo on Hen's lovely blog, which shows the true colour of my stall far better! Here.

Thank you again to all who came up the stairs to visit my stall, made a purchase, or offered your words of support. It meant so much - I look forward to the next event in February! :) - Thanks to Jayne and Michele for all of your organisation. x
Sunday I was up again scouting at my local flea market, but sadly didn't find many treasures. Thankfully I have a couple of furniture makeovers to finish this week, so the shop won't be empty!
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Bet you feel worn out, worth it though.

  2. That's alot of work, Niki. I hope you are making lots of money... I'm sure you are making lots of people happy. Your angels looked radiant and other-worldly hanging in the window.

  3. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. I wish I lived nearer to check out your shopX

  4. Sounds a lovely if very busy weekend.
    I think you need a rest though Niki. Take some time to recharge your batteries.
    Carol xx

  5. I bet you're tired today Nicki!

    But your table looked fantastic! I saw your stall on Hen's blog earlier, and thought it looked brilliant with those Angel dolls hanging up at the window like that!

    It all looked fabulous :o)

    Thankyou so much for sharing.

    Have a lovely easy week Nicki.

    Take care my dear,
    Donna x

  6. It was lovely to catch up with you Niki. The V&H was lovely, so many talented people under one roof. I wish I had had more time to walk around all the gorgeous stands. Your angel dolls looked stunning hanging in the window with the sunlight streaming through. Try not to work too hard in the run up to Christmas.
    Jo xx

  7. Your table looks lovely...that table cloth is scrumptious. Hanging the angels in the window was brilliant. Take care:)

  8. Hi Niki.
    Your stall is wonderful, I'm sorry
    not have been there! Sigh ....
    Hughs and kisses, Maria.
    (with translator)

  9. Niki, what emotion to see
    my beautiful tablecloth on your
    desk, I'm glad you did
    used for such an important event.
    Your desk was enchanted, as always.
    I wanted so much to be there!
    a hug
    Susy x

  10. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Hi Niki,
    I hope you have had a little sleep here and there since the fair,you do work incredibly hard and your stall looks stunning,all the dolls are so beautiful and i agree you should charge more for them,owning one myself and knowing the quality of everything you make and the fabrics you use they really are worth every penny.

  11. I am in awe of your talent, very precious, lovely

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