Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catching Up...

Lots of photos, but few words, as spare time is still scarce around here...Firstly, a few photos of some of the lovely Birthday gifts I received from family and friends. Above is an UTTERLY GORGEOUS c1940's velvet handbag from my youngest daughter and Hubby who helped her pay for it.
Wonderfully thoughtful gifts from girlfriends.
A sweet handmade doll that Mum and Dad treated me to from Ali. 
And an adorable vintage porcelain trinket pot that arrived all the way from my daughter in New Zealand.
Next, some recent finds for my shop...A selection of Stitchcraft magazines. 
Tapestry picture, c1930's handmade velvet handbag, a rose decorated tin and  a  large papier mache pot. 
Unused lace on cards and a c1940's hand knitted child's beret. 
An unusual little box...
containing bible quotes, all rolled up inside, with tweezers to take one out and read each day.  (I'm sold, thank you!) 

Antique lace collars.
Salt and pepper pots on a hand painted wooden stand, two glass travelling bottles and a watercolour paint set.
Lots of lovely postcards...

Also new at the shop is this distressed painted dressing table.

And retro stool! Groovy baby! 
Chamber pot. 
And an original little watercolour painting.
I've squirrelled away a few special pieces for some of the upcoming vintage fairs I shall be attending too. 
Last week I also had to do battle with the lovely floral carpet that I had on the floor of my shop. Sadly for the two and a half years its been down, customer flow had caused some wear in one area and a hole had developed. I was worried that someone might catch a heel in it, so I had to take it away. I'd used carpet tape, which made the task very difficult - not to mention all the furniture and stock I had to move out of the way! Anyway, its done now and I live and learn...
At the weekend I took my daughters (and a friend) down to our local woods for a photo shoot...
My middle daughter has completed her final project for her fashion and textile course at uni.  She has created two beautiful fairy-like pure silk dresses...so the woods provided the perfect backdrop. We did receive some odd looks from walkers out that day...especially in-between photo sessions - Wellies and diaphanous gowns aren't a great look!

So I had another 'bluebell fix' for this year :)

Have a great day,
Niki x


  1. Congretulations with your birthday, what a lovely gifts! Enjoy.

  2. Lovely gifts and finds. I particularly like your tapestry picture, rose tin, lace and all the lovely postcards. I'm also loving the little bird cage and mirrored shelf in your last few pictures.

  3. Wonderful gifts, Niki and so well deserved! I love the photo shoots even without having seen the 'real' ones - fantastic background and perfect light/shade atmosphere and just the very moment with all the bluebelles in full colour, just so gorgeous.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday! I love that dressing table!!

    Susan and Bentley


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