Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fair Days...

At last we have sunshine! - And little-one could walk barefoot in our garden and wear daisies in her hair! 

After taking her home yesterday evening, I had this project to  be getting on with...
I bought this little nursing chair at the weekend. It was good and solid, and comfortable too, but I wasn't very keen on the upholstery...
Which was also a little bit worn in places. So I decided I'd make a slip-cover for it. 
I wanted to make use of the lovely antique 'cutter quilt' that I bought from Jo at the Vintage Jumble Sale
So I used it for the seat and back support of the chair. The quilt is a little worn in places, but I like that, as it fits with the age of the chair. 

I gave it a vintage French toile frill around the bottom...
And used C19th French linen for the back.
Its a cute size - If I can fit it in the car with all my other items, I shall be taking it to the V&H Spring Fair on Saturday. 

At the moment my workroom looks like this! Lots of work in progress to get finished in time for Saturday! Aghhhh!
I also bought this large hand embroidery of a Devon village at the weekend - (I think it would have once been made to use in a fire-screen) Which I aim to make into a cushion this week too! 
Gorgeous scented stocks on my kitchen table, bought for me by my gorgeous girl!  xx
Have a lovely day full of sunshine,
Niki x


  1. The chair looks absolutely gorgeous Niki. Looking forward to catching up with you on Saturday.
    Jo xx

  2. Super chair make over, Niki, love that red frill. I am loving the pretty flowers that are now becoming available, stocks are definitely up there with my favourites. See you for a natter on Saturday (I'll try to remember to bring your remaining books, if that's ok.)
    Hen x

  3. My word hasn't your grand-daughter grown up quick - one minute there was a photo of a baby and now definitely a toddler - so sweet with the daisies in her hair! I too love stocks!

  4. Beautiful little sweetheart with a daisy in her hair.
    The chair looks lovely.
    I love Stocks they are gorgeous.
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Wonderful little girl!
    Lucky to have a grandmother so creative! :):)
    Hughs and kisses, Maria.
    (with translator)

  6. Niki, how could that happen? She is already walking! Beautiful new life for this chair and how quick you can realize your projects, it would take me ages to finish one like that - you are really a star. Stocks they are called? Again, something learned. I wish you a fabulous day at the market and so wished I could be there. Don't stress - what is not done isn't there ;-).

  7. Such a cuty - darling little girl. I've never seen a cover made of quilting before - very clever.


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