Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Nostalgic Plot

Yesterday I was out with my good friend Debbie - For those who visit the Vintage Bazaar, you cannot failed to have noticed her beautiful gardenalia stall. After getting back from our day out, I asked Deb if I could take some photographs in her gorgeous cottage garden. So here we go...
You may remember back in February, I bought a lovely hand painted sign for Debbie's Birthday. This is the spot she has found for it...I think it looks perfect here in her little seating area. 
Most of her plot is, typically for an old cottage, to the front of the property. It always makes me smile as you walk down her lane past similar cottages in the row. Several have tarmac or concrete slabs to the front, with not a single green specimen to brighten the space...But not Debbie...You know instantly when you've arrived at her home!

Isn't it wonderful?!
Debbie will be selling her wares at the Cotswold Vintage Fair in August...
She's already started to collect some lovely treasures. 
Hope you enjoyed your visit,
UPDATE: Thank you to Sharon for including photos of my little garden hideaway and some of my china tea cups on her blog today. 
Niki x


  1. That was an absolutely inspiring tour. Thank you so much for posting the photos. What a beautiful garden. It's so enchanting, there just has to be little magic folk living in it! xx

  2. just a delite!
    ty for taking us with you :)

    and thanks, Niki, for responding to my email ") much appreciated !..

  3. Beautiful, wish I was there!

  4. absolutely my {and the readers!} evident pleasure :)
    it's been sooo FuN to hear responses and view the stats ~
    the loveliest way to EnJoy a peaceful day :) Thank You, Niki, for your willing generosity!

  5. Wow! what a fabulous garden to explore..great pics X


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