Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Diamond Jubilee

I love this photo! It was taken when the families who lived in my Mum's road all got together to celebrate the Queen's Coronation. The Grand Union Canal flowed along the bottom of the gardens, which made it the perfect place for a picnic. My lovely Nan is the first lady on the left of the row of Mums standing at the back. Thankfully her back is slightly turned, as that is my Uncle (her son) just in front of her, making the rude hand gesture!! There's one in every family you know! ;-)) My Mum knew how to behave herself however - She's on the left table, second row, second one in, looking straight at the camera. It was my Mum who sent me this photo for my blog... Thanks Mum! x

And here's me and my family celebrating the Queen's Silver Jubilee. 
We went camping for the weekend with our cousins and that's my 
Uncle again, in the cowboy hat! (- with his hands nicely folded out 
of harms way!)

This weekend will be the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. 
I shall be at my shop on Saturday, when there will be a celebration 
on Shepton Mallet's Market Place, including a fancy dress parade 
for the children. 
We've been asked to decorate our shops to enhance the atmosphere...
...So today I've been making a few decorations. 
I stuck some old paper scraps of the royal family onto ribbon...
I've put these along the edge of one of the shelves.

I've also been making short lengths of bunting, using vintage fabrics and salvaged pieces of hand crochet lace.
These I've strung up in each of my shop's windows. I've gone to town with the red, white and blue theme, and displayed lots of vintage and handmade treasures in them too. 

I hope you enjoy the extra long weekend.
Have fun!

Niki x


  1. Pretty bunting you made, but I LOVE LOVE the photo of your mom and her family!! Wonderful
    Happy Diamond Jubilee!

  2. It is wonderful that the picture of the Queens Coronation party has survived the years. I visited Bath 15 years ago on my honeymoon and it was one of the most beautiful places. Someday I am going to make the trip across the pond again and bring my son so that he can see where his Father and I vacationed.

  3. Happy Jubilee! What a day of celebration. Your shop is lovely.

  4. What a great photo - my Mum tells me her story about going to London for the Coronation - she was just in her early 20's when went with friends. Hard to believe how long ago that was! Your shop looks terrific and I love the "royals on ribbon"...

  5. that photo is wonderful! What a beautiful nugget of history.

  6. Those old photos are just darling; what memories! It must be such an exciting time across the pond right now. I was in England when Queen Elizabeth was celebrating her 40th year on the throne, and I was delighted to take home some souvenirs. This time round I'll have to resort to souvenir hunting on the web. I hope you post your photos of the weekend's festivities!

  7. I love the photograph and all your Jubilee decorations. Have a happy weekend! Jane xx

  8. Wonderful family photo celebrating the Queen's Coronation. What lovely memories. Your shop and window displays are beautiful. I love the bunting using the crochet pieces. I'm collecting some crochet pieces at the moment and planning to use them when I make my next bunting. Did you have to stitch the edges of the square pieces to stop them fraying? Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Love the photo. I watched the Coronation in front of my Nan's TV bought especially for the event.
    The bunting is brilliant, as is the decorations using the Royal photos.
    Carol xx


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