Friday, August 31, 2012

August...Die She Must...

Not quite sure where the week flew to, but it seems the weekend is upon us again...AND September begins tomorrow! Yikes! Any spare time I have this weekend will be spent sorting out our upstairs landing, which has become a bit of as dumping ground lately...(I need to paint some of the walls too - the fun never stops here! ;-)) That's in-between my usual buying trip for my shop, more wedding planning/making/baking, some gardening if the weather is kind and the usual housework...
That's the way life seems to be taking me most weeks at the I thought I'd just leave a few of my favourite photos here for a while - Maybe some little surprises will turn up along the way and I'll have more to share with you another time...

Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. Beautiful photos, a feast for the eyes.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and don't spend all of it working.
    Carol xx

  2. Hope you have a good weekend. Yes! Where has this week gone?
    Beautiful pics
    Julie xxxxxx

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  4. if its any consolation Niki, I have the downstairs toilet (which seems to be the ultimate gloryhole for unused coats) to paint...

  5. Long time no speak Niki...sounds so fun, your busy busy life...except for the housework..delete that bit ;) - lovely photos hun...It has been a chore to blog over at mine lately...but I am back and full of spirit and your blog has always been a fav of mine. I wish I lived nearer to you, Id love to come and visit your shop...such pretty things...a wedding you say, oooh how divine to be planning for that, is one of your daughters getting married...oh so much to catch up with...I hope you are all well xx

    Love Happy xx

  6. As usual your post is a feast for the eyes! Full of gorgeousness!

  7. Your photo's are very pretty. I am drooling at all of those beautiful antique greeting cards !

  8. So pretty! I love the vintage greeting cards and the vintage plates.

  9. I love coming and having a peek into your life and seeing your gorgeous pics. I am practically drooling over all the pretties!!

  10. I so enjoyed visiting your favorite photos Niki. I know exactly how you feel too. My weekend has been filled completing chores that have accumulated due to my busy schedule. I hope that you can have a moment to relax, breathe and say ahhh.

    Susan and Bentley


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