Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Blushing Bride

As I've mentioned, our daughter is getting married in a couple of months time.
She's bought herself a few of those glossy magazines written for brides-to-be, for inspiration, but has found them to be fairly unhelpful. She felt they were fine if you wanted a traditional white wedding, were a size 8/10 (UK) with model looks, and were paying professionals to provide all that was needed for a lavish event. They do tend to pile on the pressure, suggesting that this close to her wedding day, we should be putting the final touches to most things by now....Ha!

  She's looking to create a simple D.I.Y wedding - For her its not so much about the ceremony, more a celebration of their love for each other and their daughter, for everyone to come together to enjoy their day, and to have fun. No dress codes - Just a relaxing party where guests feels comfortable - Above all, no pressure to do things just because its what people expect...And if things don't quite go according to plan, then its not the end of the world and who needs the stress anyway?!

Having read most of the posts on Kat's blog Rock N' Roll Bride, and been inspired by so many of the clever and creative weddings that she has featured there, which show you really can 'do it the way YOU want' without following clich├ęs and tradition, I decided to order a copy of the new Issue 2 Rock N Roll Bride Magazine, as a gift for my daughter.
Kat has received a few slightly negative comments about the cost of the magazine, on her blog, but having had my copy delivered today (wrapped in a shiny pink foil envelope!) in my opinion, it is good value for money. (Postage is included, which was £1.60 to the UK). The magazine is more like a book, is on fabulous heavy paper, printed in stunning colour, is of a limited number, AND there are NO adverts!! 
And having written and self-published my own book, I know the huge amount of work involved in producing something like this, so Kat deserves to make something out of it for herself. 

My one criticism would be that I would have liked to have seen more of the details, rather than so many photographs of the bride and grooms - I'm sure if you were one of them its wonderful to see yourself in print, but as a reader, I'd have liked to have seen more of the special touches and decorations that made each wedding unique and unconventional. 

I have been inspired though and taking note of this quote...
I've started taking lots of photographs of all the preparations we are sharing together; the craft projects, shopping trips and the cooking/baking, in order that I might use them to create a book for my daughter, all about her wedding and the hours we shared together to make it a memorable day.
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  1. Sounds like your daughter definitely has her head screwed on right to me, and a mag with no ads is certainly a winner in my book! I hope it all goes well, and wish them every blessing. x

  2. I love her philosophy. Casual and relaxed. The quote is perfect too. Good luck to you all. The stress and preparation for my daughter's wedding threw me into early

  3. What a refreshing post! Simplicity and family-togetherness make for many of the best wedding events. My brother and SIL were married by my cousin (who is a Justice of the Peace); they married in a gazebo, with a small family and close friends-only wedding reception afterwards. Friends decorated the gazebo with fresh flowers, and my SIL made all the decorations for the reception. It was LOVELY!

  4. Wish your daughter love for her wedding. We had a registery wedding over thirty years ago, no bells & whistles and very relaxing, and the church fete benefited because it was on the same afternoon, and all the guests went to the fete and played silly games, and in the evening we had hired the hall for the reception.
    Julie xxxxxxx


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