Friday, August 10, 2012

Sew Busy...

My sewing machine has been running overtime recently and I haven't had much time for anything except for sewing, sewing and more sewing...
So far I've whizzed-up 300 meters of bunting for our daughter's wedding, and worked on several other projects for it, which I need to keep secret for now...
I'm keeping my shop stocked with plenty of handmade items...
such as bags...


Lavender pillows...

And cushions...This one I made especially for this lovely old wicker chair.

Its certainly tourist season in Shepton Mallet at the moment, which, thankfully, is a great help, so I need to keep up with the making to ensure the shelves remain full.

I'm also working on lots of new items to take with me to The Cotswold's Vintage Fair on August 25th - a much anticipated event on the vintage circuit, organised by Ali.
I've made a large collection of brooch pillows, each one entirely stuffed with dried lavender flowers. I've used some of my favourite and precious antique fabrics, and each one comes with a vintage brooch pinned to it.

I'm also working on some new rag dolls and fairies, silk damask bags with specially chosen vintage appliqu├ęs, and several little one-off treasures, which I shall show nearer the time. Hope you can make it there!
Love this ancient Chinese embroidered silk.
I DO love making things, just occasionally it would be nice to have a bit more 'me' time...
Whilst we were on holiday recently, I treated myself to this magazine...
Generally these days, I have a quick flick through the magazines on the newsagent's shelves before I make a purchase - There has to be at least one article that catches my eye before I'll buy...
This time it was a lovely home that did just that. I felt the owners shared my taste , particularly in their kitchen, (even though I have recently gone over to blue instead of red for a while...) and so I bought the August edition of Country Homes & Interiors. 

Once ensconced on the beach with time to read, I realised that the house was near Bath...
On close inspection I then recognised a little patchwork bag that I made many moons ago, hanging up in the master bedroom!

I even managed to find the original photograph of it that I took when the bag was for sale in my first shop

(I've always kept a few of the tiny daisy embellishments that I used on this particular bag...I love how they have been hand stitched from ric-rac braid to create the petals.) 
That's quite a few years ago now...But its always humbling to see something I've handmade being used and enjoyed in someone's home.

I'm always happy to add your photos to my website on the 'inspiration' page. If you've bought from me and would like me to add a photo, please email it via the contact address on my website.

Anyway, looking forward to another day of sewing tomorrow!...
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. Gorgeous, Niki! 300 m of bunting
    Is there anything happening somewhere before Sept. 10th? I need inspiration to plan a trip across to the UK, more your area but we won't make it to the Cotswolds :-(.

  2. Anonymous9:06 pm

    I LOVE to sew sew sew, your buntiungs sound very intriguing,,, your bags are just beautiful, I love the stitchery embellishments, amazingly beautiful!!1

  3. Thank you for your comment Anke,
    I'll be in touch with you over the weekend...Not sure there is much on over the late summer, except car boot sales, but will have a think for you...
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Niki x

  4. Hi Niki.
    The picture of your blogs are always wonderful and I have so much company!
    Good job for the marriage of your daughter!
    See you soon, Maria.
    (with translator)

  5. Love,love,love,your AbFab Blog......I just found it earlier....lts see,4 hrs ago! Thats how long i've been going thru & discovering what a lovely place you have,amazing,shop & your Vintage creatiions are outstanding. I hope to return to live in England, but even if i only get back for a visit next year,i will definately make my way to your shop. I am usually around Maidstone and Sheerness in Kent, but will make my trip more worthwhile if i visit further afield. Thanks for such a lovey record of The Highstreet filming, wish it was shown hear......I'm in Suburbs of Toronto Canada....Thanks i'll visit here often.Polly & The GhettoKittyKrew (7 kittys)


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