Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kay Sera Sera

Thank you for the kind comments and emails left for me in response to my previous post. You are all wonderful! x
I guess I've not been feeling entirely myself recently, with my head spinning in several different directions...Friends will tell you I've become a complete 'wedding bore' and most are avoiding me at the moment should I start talking about stitching up many more meters of bunting, buffet food recipes I'm yet to try out, or how many vintage dinner plates I'm still yet to find!!...Who knew a simple village hall wedding could be so complicated?! I'm totally preoccupied and consequently have been a little uneasy about the lack of time I've had for the other demands in my life. The upcoming fair and my shop deserve my attention, but these have been somewhat compromised. 
So yesterday I took a bit of a breather from all things nuptial, and worked on finishing off the handmade dolls I had started. I priced everything up and had a little play at setting up parts of my stall for the Cotswold's Fair. 
All will be well, I tell myself, and once I have sorted through the photographs that I took, I shall add some of them here for those interested.
Have a fabulous day! 
Niki x

PS: Thank you to those who have emailed photos to me for the 'inspiration' page on my website, (I have a couple more to add) - Its always a joy to see where items from my shop have ended up!


  1. Hi Niki.
    Oh i would be the same if their was a wedding on the horizon it must be really exciting and hard work too!....I have been the same talking cottage and moving for what seems like forever ;)
    I will look out for these photos i love seeing them especially of the fairs that are far away from me as it feels like i have been then.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  2. don't forget to ENJOY all the wedding preps Niki!

  3. Clever Gal. Pull yourself away from what is causing stress and enjoy what truly puts your heart at ease. I'm not a big wedding gal myself, and when I did remarry I had a very, very simple wedding on the beach in a sarong. No fuss, no muss. LOL Blessings to you and those you love.

  4. its a special time... enjoy the moment. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  5. le tue bambole sono bellissime.. e anche il tuo blog bravissima baci lu


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