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Thank you to all who left a comment to my previous post and also to those who kindly emailed me personally...
Blogging is a funny thing at times, isn't it? We can get ourselves in all sorts of tizzies because of it. I love having my blog (I don't think I would still be here after more than six years if I didn't)...
It has caused me a few upsets in the past, mostly due to my lack of prowess when it comes to expressing myself correctly in my writings, (many reasons for that, which stem from my time at school, but you don't need to know about that :)), but mostly it has brought me immense amounts of pleasure...Not least the friends I have made solely because of it.
Last week I was in conversation with Krissie via email, discussing my blog - I've had some realisations because of her wise words...and she has helped me a lot to put things back into perspective. I asked Krissie to be honest and she very kindly gave me her time, giving me lots of pointers where perhaps I had started to go wrong with my blog...

It had become a bit of a chore and something I felt I had to do as part of my small business. Things have changed since I first started blogging - Not least the worldwide economic difficulties. Many of the friends that I have made through the www are struggling financially, with most of the products we offer for sale being ‘wants’ and not ‘needs’ it is doubly difficult. Being self-employed is a huge worry at times and I now find myself having to justify all my time spent on my blog, or on-line in general.
I think last year I got into bad habits too, as any spare time I had was spent working on all the preparations for my daughter's wedding. It made thinking properly about anything else, very difficult.
What is most clear to me now, is that I have stopped thinking about my blog in any great detail…So it must have become very stale for its visitors…My main problem though is time. My mind is always active when it comes to what is best for my shop and what I feel I should be hand making for it…and trying to come up with new ideas. These things need to stay at the top of my priorities for now, as I need to survive in my shop and at the fairs for at least the next two years…But hopefully if I can keep my blog going, then it should reflect my passion a little more…
I think that’s probably it…finding my way again and enjoying the process…
 Krissie has given me lots of food for thought and I may well end up working in a slightly different way with my blog. It will always reflect my work, passions and the simple pleasures of life, but perhaps I won't post quite so often. Time in between my shop work is limited, which means I don't always have something fresh to talk about. Perhaps if I save up a few photos and items of news, I can make my posts more interesting. There may be less of them, but they will be of a better quality. Hopefully! ;-)) 
Once again thank you to all who have been with me on my Blogging journey - I have learnt so much and I believe I've become a better person because of it. If you'd care to stick around a bit longer, I hope to continue with my tales of Nostalgia at the Stone House


I love visiting reclamation yards, looking for architectural salvage, don't you?
Hubby and I visited a small one just outside Glastonbury. (We find the choice there is good, and the prices more reasonable than those found at its larger neighbour, at Wells.)

My mind was going overtime with ideas I could use these lovely old windows for...I may have to return in the near future! :)

Beautiful old hardwood doors.

Wooden spindles at £3 each.
Gorgeous old beams from ancient buildings waiting for new homes. 
Where else would you find cider flagons, but in Somerset?! ;-))
I have quite a large collection of old clay chimney pots in my garden at home...They make great planters and provide year round interest to the borders when the perennials die down each year. 

Need the loo?! 
Reclamation of another sort :) - Lovely nature always adds her magic given a little time.
- Beautiful building bricks at £2 each.

Anyway, what hubby and I had gone in search for, was a stained glass window. We are going to get a new front door made. The one we have was 'off the shelf' and has proved to be a bit of a problem, with it needing constant planing when it swells in winter. We wanted a small portrait panel of glass to break up the look of the door and to provide a little natural light. We went for the one in the middle of the photo below, with the purple and blue border around a beautifully etched glass panel. It has been hand made by the yard owner's wife, using salvaged old glass pieces. 
We also bought some decorative brackets...I am in the throws of redecorating our daughter's bedroom, when I have any spare moments. She's decided she wants a vintage feel to her room (I finally have her well trained! ;-)), so we're collecting bits and bobs as and when we can...On Sunday we bought an old Victorian iron cot at the flea market, which we are going to convert into a little sofa for her room. We also bought a lovely big oval mirror there, which was just £20.00. And some lace for her window at £5.00. I'll show the end result here on my blog when we get there!
For now I've come down with the fluey cold that was going around at the V&H Fair on Saturday  - Thanks for sharing guys! ;-)) 
Hope all is OK with you,
Love Niki x


  1. Niki, ok I am not a blog expert but I have never doubted about the quality of your blog or your posts! Nor in terms of pictures neither for words or content. Your blog for me is always interesting and I adore the pictures and to read about what you are up to. And always am looking forward to the day when I can come and visit your lovely shop again.

  2. Though I don't often comment I have always loved your blog. Please don't give it up. I love all your beautiful pics of your home and shop (I've only managed to visit your shop twice and can't wait to come again).
    M x

  3. I fully agree with the two comments posted - lovely blog, always pretty, and interesting. So sorry you've got The Fluey Bug - we're just coming to the end of it (hopefully!)- it's not been fun :(. Keep on blogging, but don't get yourself down about it. Take care X

  4. I love your blog and often wish mine was as good, I do hope you manage to find a way where it works for you.
    My husband and I stopped at that reclamation yard on one of our trips through Somerset and loved it. It's a good job we live hundreds of miles away.

  5. I love your blog and look forward to each and every post. Can't wait to see the bedroom when it's finished!

  6. Hi! I always like coming for a visit and would not have a complaint about anything you post. Each person has their own style and should be respected for it. Besides, I get to jump across the pond when I visit and land in a most delightful shop. Sadly, there's nothing in my bag when I return home.♥♫

  7. Please don't give up on the blog, we all love it just as it is. I love those old brackets just right for a shelf full of vintagy bits and bobs, Lucey x

  8. Hello ! Ihave read your blog for a long time. I love your pictures, your gardens, your Handmade items, and all the vintage things ! It´s a pleasure for me reading it and it would be really a pity if I can´t no longer read it. besos. Lili├ín.-

  9. I am another reader who does not often comment, but enjoy what you share so much. These are hard times, and we must all come through this. I am a small trader too and the warmth and welcome shown to us on blogger helps to keep us going I think.

    Love reclamation yards ... so much possibility! Minerva ~

  10. Hello Niki, it's hard to find a balance with blogging. I've had to drastically cut down my online time, but yours is one of the few blogs I always visit. I love seeing your shop and what you have made - it's always inspirational, but it is tough in business now and you have to find the balance that works best for you. I'm still looking;-)
    Lucy x

  11. Dear Niki, Your blog is always a lovely place to visit, and your work always inspirational. Hope you're feeling much better very soon!

  12. Hi, Niki! I can only echo the thoughts above. Blogging should be fun for you and not a chore that you feel has to be attended to. When it gets to that point, well . . . :)

    I am certainly no expert, but I have decided that I will post when I have time and that may not be very often at times. But, if people are following or subscribing, they will get the notifications when I do post and will hopefully read along! I know for myself, I check my reading list nearly everyday and see all the blogs that have posted and catch up that way. So, no matter if someone blogs everyday, or once a month or once a year, I will read and enjoy what they have to share and be grateful that they took the time to share.

    So, thank you for your posts and I look forward to reading whatever and whenever you choose to post! :)

  13. Dear Niki, I am so pleased you are going to continue with your blog, I love all your posts. I love seeing your garden, the beautiful things you make, your gorgeous shop...which unfortunately is on the other side of the world!, love your home and all your collections. Thanks for the inspiration and happy feeling I get whenever I visit your Nostalgic stonehouse.

    x Homegirl at Daisies Doilies and donkeys
    xDaisies-doilies and donkeys

  14. glad you are staying - so enjoy your blog.

  15. I love your blog and have been following it for years..I love seeig the pics of your home,garden, shop and makes..inspirational..Lots of love Sue S

  16. Hi, I don't comment too often on blogs, its a fairly recent habit. I only discovered blogs relatively recently. I hope you are not put off blogging. Your blog is lovely, its always very inspiring and pretty and vintagey (I know thats not a real word but you know what I mean lol) I do despair when I see blogs become shop fronts and nothing more, that has happened to quite a few craft blogs I used to enjoy. I think the thing we enjoy about blogs is reading about other people's lives, their trials, their joys etc, it often gives us perspective on our own life. But the overwhelming thing is to enjoy it. At the end of the day, it is yours to do with as you please, don't blog for your readers, blog for you thats what counts and if thats once a day or once a month so be it. Your blog is lovely and I enjoy it and so it would seem do the people who have commented before me, so if all else fails, at least you know you are pleasing some of the people some of the time lol. Sorry to take up so much space! Happy blogging x

  17. Hi Niki,
    Like i said in our emails i am so glad you are keeping your blog,i adore it and love to read all about what you have been up to and everyone agree's so you have to stay ;),I hope my ramblings can help make things a little easier for you x
    I want to get at that reclamation yard,So much beauty! I can't wait to read your decorating plans for daughter's bedroom.
    Love Krissie xxx

  18. I still love it! :)
    Hugs from here.

  19. Hi Nikki

    Many thanks for the kind words about our yard! We are really pleased you enjoyed your visit and that you found something to incorporate into your home.

    Come and see us again soon!

    Thanks again from all the team here at Glastonbury Reclamation.


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