Monday, February 04, 2013


Whilst on our way out yesterday, our route took us past Camerton Court, just a short distance from our home. 
The entrance to the house is on a bend in the road, so I asked hubby to pull-in so I could quickly snap a few shots of their beautiful snowdrop display for you. 
Feels like spring is just around the corner...

We visited their open garden one year during the summer - Truly spectacular. 

Have a happy day,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki,
    Oh so nice to see your pictures of pretty snowdrops,We had them in the garden at the cottage and i forgot to snap some pictures on the way out yesterday,I noticed the bluebells and daffodils were starting to rise too.
    Your floral window ledge looks beautiful and i adore the jug the daffodils are in,everything is just so pretty at yours xxx

  2. Cool! My neighbor has a few snowdrops, but this is really something!

  3. How lovely to see such a beautiful display of snowdrops! I've not really seen any yet!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Snowdrops are so sweet! Thanks for sharing these pictures of them! My paperwhites have come and gone already. My daffs, grape hyacinths and tulips are all poking up now. :)

  5. I've just noticed that the snowdrops are coming out now. Spring is tapping at the door! Chel

  6. The snowdrops are so pretty and its nice to see them, it means spring is around the corner!

  7. I just love snowdrops. They are so delicate and tiny. The first signs of spring.


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