Friday, February 22, 2013

Vintage & Handmade Textile & Fashion Fair

 This Saturday - 23rd February, I shall have a stall at the 
The Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6AD
10am - 3pm. £1.00 admission
I'm hoping to have a good, mixed selection of items for sale, including some vintage fabrics, supplies, fashion accessories and a small collection of my handmade goods...
One of my handmade fairy dolls - Dressed in antique lace and assorted vintage embellishments. 

A medium sized rag doll dressed in a Fair Isle style sweater and a c1930's feedsack patchwork skirt.

In a  recycled hand knitted sweater and similar c1930's feedsack skirt.

And Colette
In her patchwork dress of rare French fabrics. 
I've made a couple of 'tatty patchwork' handbags, using more antique French fabrics.

And some little pouch bags, ideal for cameras, mobile phones etc. 
Two are made from a very old linen and fasten with a glass button and have a beautiful pink millinery rose to decorate.

Another is made from antique silk velvet and lined inside with a rare rose print cotton.
LOTS of little patchwork sachets, filled with a traditional pot pourri  recipe. 

Trimmed with velvet ribbon and violet flower. 

I also have a selection of little brooch pillows, 
each decorated with a vintage costume brooch.
And I'll have the lace lamps with me, the powder-puff wands and lots of vintage fabric scraps that I've bagged up since my workroom blitz.
Hope to see you at the fair!

Have a lovely weekend whatever you have planned,
Niki x


  1. Such lovely things, Niki! Sure wish I was close enough to come shopping this weekend! Colette is so adorable! (All of them are, but since I'm so partial to blue, she really caught my eye!) The little pouch bags, patchwork sachets and brooch pillows (especially that last one!) . . . . *sigh* :)

  2. Hi Niki.
    It 's all wonderful, I'm sure you will have a great success! :):)
    See you soon, *Maristella*
    (with translator)

  3. I love your makes me happy looking at the beautiful things in your shop. I'd love to visit....maybe someday!!


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