Monday, February 11, 2013

Special Moments...

Life has been marching on in much the usual way and I feel I don't have anything exciting to report on my blog , but I don't like to leave it without an update for too long...Since Christmas, there's been the usual days working at my shop...In between I've been busy at my sewing machine...and at least once a week I've been out looking for treasures to keep the shop full...The days and weeks have merged a little...

Which makes the moments spent with this little-one all the more special...

Recently she has taken a shine to my old doll's house in one of the bedrooms...Its fascinating to sit and watch her discovering the world...after just 19 months on the planet, she already knows so much...Here she is pushing tiny china tea cups up to the mouths of the resident peggy dolls who recline all day on their 1930's sofas!

They grow so fast...It only seems like yesterday that my own first born was playing in much the same way...Now she's discovering new things on the other side of the world!
In between all the usual goings-on, I've put together a couple of Birthday gifts. 
- One to my garden obsessed friend Debbie, whose special day is February 14th.  
I covered a cardboard box in pages from an old gardening book...
And then filled it with treats...
I dried the roses that I had in a vase a couple of weeks ago, by tying them in a bunch and hanging them upside down for a few days. A couple of the heads fell off, so I placed these in amongst the items in the box...

I also bought her a vintage tapestry cushion which came from the emporium in Exeter. I wrapped it in lovely flowery paper tied with garden jute and finished with the rest of the dried roses.

A little handmade tag and hanging metal heart to finish.

Another gift was carefully wrapped for another special person...But I can't show what's inside, because the recipient visits my blog from time to time! ;-))
Happy Birthday Mum!
Any spare moments I've had, have been spent working on this project...
Still very much a work in progress...In fact I'm undecided how best to deal with this old French chair...It may end up being tidied as best I can, and then left for someone else to do the perfect upholstery job on it...

I will probably bring it along to the upcoming Vintage & Handmade Textile and Fashion Fair on February 23rd, in the hope that someone will see its potential.

Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. What lovely gifts. Such a lot of thought gone into every detail. They are very lucky to receive these from you.

  2. Love the pictures of little'un and the dollhouse :D Miss her so much!!!

    Time does go fast!


  3. Love reading your blog, what a sweet picture of little one.x

  4. Hi Niki, i have been away for such a long time, your shop looks fabulous, as do your creations, well done. Stephne x

  5. What a charming photo of your beautiful dolls house and grand-daughter...also love those lacy lamp-shades. Lizzie x

  6. So lovely to see your grand daughter playing with the dolls house. I was an absolute nightmare child and wrecked my Mums original dolls house that my Great Uncle made her in the 50's!! Of course I would treasure it now. The French chair looks very interesting, will be visiting your stand at the V&H.
    Jo xx

  7. What a delight to see the yellow daffys!

    I love the gifts and wrapping, beautiful.

  8. Wow - you've been so busy, and your friend is a very lucky lady! Lovely to see the little one enjoying the dolls house. x

  9. Good heavens what a huuuge dolls house - I don't think you could ever drag me away ! And your friends are very lucky to have someone who puts such a lot of time and thought into their gifts - priceless x


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