Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The High Street

I needed to go into Bath city centre yesterday, with two Birthdays coming up this month, I was on the hunt for a few special gifts. Yes, it was a cold Tuesday morning in February, but it was sad to see the beautiful streets quiet. And even sadder to see shop premises empty or closed-down since Christmas. 
This was particularly noticeable in Little South Gate, the newest shopping destination in Bath. I noticed several empty units, including one which was a favourite shop of mine,  Pretty Eccentric. For all I know, they may just be re-locating, but I haven't been able to find any information on-line. (A similar shop called Sassy & Boo also seem to have left Bath.) But then with rents as high as this, its not difficult to understand the problems faced by small independents. Its obvious to see why shopping is expensive in the city, when other bills and staffing costs have to be covered on top of rents - It becomes a vicious circle just to survive.
So, although I may dream of having a shop in the beautiful city of Bath, I think that is what it will always remain. I am happy to have my little shop in one of Somerset's oldest towns - It may not be the perfect location, but at least I can sleep at night knowing I don't have out-of-reach bills to pay. The people I welcome through its doors are always a delight and have time to chat. Long may the independents survive. 
Tomorrow I shall be taking in lots of new stock to replenish the shelves and I've started making cushions again to replace all that were sold over the Christmas period.  
I'd like to thank Belinda who has just put together a lovely post about my shop on her visually stunning Neutral Heaven blog, here. (She also wrote about Nostalgia at No.1 on her other blog which she writes (for free) for the town, here.)
Belinda and Wayne have now re-opened their wonderful shop No.21 in Shepton Mallet, after concentrating on their space at Kilver Court for a while - I'm thrilled to welcome them back. 

Rustic shelf with crackled paint. 
Niki x


  1. I agree, we do market stalls and I do dream of having a shop, but right now the time is not right for us. Your shop is lovely and as you say, the stress of a higher priced place is not always worth it.

  2. Hi Niki - it's tragic what is happening to our towns. Worcester council have recently lowered all the parking charges, trying to entice people in but, unless the rents and rates are reduced, too, this will happen more and more.

  3. We have an indoor market in Chester that has been around forever,..busy and vibrant,family businesses,people knew each it is sooo quiet with empty much longer can it survive, so sad.

  4. It's so sad to see these small shops close.
    I always try to support them whenever I can. I dream of opening half coffee shop and half vintage retro shop.

  5. I always was under the illusion that Bath would not be part of this scenario. How sad! And I fear we have not yet touched bottom when I see the overall situation in Europe. Hopefully one day it will swing into the other direction, again. I adore your dedication for your shop and will always support you and people like you who are so determined to make it work.

  6. Thank you for the mention, so pleased you liked my post about you on Neutral Heaven. It actually shot to number 1 in my top ten. My Contemporary Classic post has been there for months! Bx

  7. it's so sad, all our little independant shops are cclosing. The public moan and winge when another big chain comes to town but then they dont use the smaller shops enough and the land lords need to realise that if they dont reduce the rents then they wont be getting anything as all the shops will be empty!!


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