Thursday, October 30, 2014

Having received a few concerned emails and messages via Facebook, I just wanted to write a quick post to clear up any confusion caused by my previous one! 
My little shop has always only ever been just one part of my small business, which was the main reason why I chose to only open three days a week. I fully intend to keep going, but just in a different way...I think it's inevitable in the current climate that businesses change and evolve in order to stick around. 
I feel sewing and making things keep me happy, deep within my soul and I cannot imagine a time when I don't create. A day does not go by when I don't sew, glue, or look for inspiration. I need an outlet for this and so plan to keep attending the fairs and markets, offering my handmade wares for sale!
Today we had to take our house off the market - for reasons beyond our control - It's been a terribly stressful time and we need to take a step back...
We're determined to start a new chapter, so will return to the process again in the New Year.
 Some things are worth waiting for...

With no knowing what the future holds just now, I'm not totally clear about all aspects of my business yet...I'd love to have a shop again, but right now cannot be tied into a lease for 5 years, which could interfere with our plans to relocate. 
I have a lot to do next month, winding down the shop, putting some items into storage and handing back the property to my landlord. With all of this behind me I will then be able to focus more clearly on what's next...I already feel a change of business name is on the cards and I also plan on hand-making a lot more - Pieces, that at the moment, are all in my head, waiting to come to fruition when time allows. 
Thank you for your concern and for your continued interest in the things I create - It means a great deal to me - Selling something that I've made is hugely rewarding and it's a joy to know that each piece brings pleasure to it's owner. 

Wishing you a Happy Halloween for tomorrow, if you chose to celebrate!
Pumpkin carved by our youngest daughter who has been home this week from uni :)

Love Niki x


  1. I hope all this means we get to continue to see all your gorgeous finds/makes here! Maybe one day I can get to your corner of the world and visit your spot in one of the fairs you attend, since I won't be able to visit your sweet little shop before you have to leave it behind! :)

  2. Hi Niki, your store I will miss him very much, but I come to visit your trade shows, when I can...
    Kisses and hugs, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)

  3. I hope all goes well with you. Your book was the last present my husband bought me before he died - a surprise for Christmas although he wasn't here by then. The boys and I are also hoping to relocate to the West Country next year but there are so many things to organise especially when you are 200 miles away from Devon. I am sure everything will 'fall into place' for you next year and you can have another Christmas in your lovely home which I expect your daughters will love.

  4. All best for the future N ... I hope to see you soon at V&H? I hope closing the shop won't be too stressful...and I'm really sorry your plans for the house move have not happened just yet, but as you say, some things are worth waiting for ... lots of love xxxx


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