Thursday, October 02, 2014

Run Through the Forest...

I've never kept it quiet here before, of how proud I am of our three gorgeous girls - They are our greatest accomplishment.
As our middle daughter is now settling into motherhood herself, (with two gorgeous girls of her own) she's been managing to find those rare moments of 'me' time that at first seem to be an impossible juggling act...
But she's been crafting...
In her little kitchen studio she makes her one-off jewellery pieces, using vintage fabrics and prints from old books.

She then cuts out individual words from old novels, or lines from poetry books to create a quirky saying to reflect the free spirit ethos of her new small business, which she's named Run Through The Forest.  

She is hoping to start selling her wares through etsy.
Her shop can be found here. 
She has also set up a business page on Facebook. I know it would mean a great deal to her if you could visit and 'like' her page.
Pinterest here too ;-))

Marrissa studied Fashion and Textiles at uni and hopes to use her skills at dressmaking and pattern-cutting to develop her business further. She's looking to create one-off dresses using vintage fabrics and also to revamp and update otherwise unflattering vintage pieces into wearable statement garments to unite them with her jewellery designs - Hoping to later offer these for sale at fairs and markets. 
Thanks in advance for your interest,
Niki x


  1. Clever girl ... just like her mum! Liked ...
    M x

  2. Thanks so much M - My M will be thrilled! :)
    Niki x

  3. You must be over the moon to have a crafty daughter Niki ;) her work is really beautiful x

  4. Thanks K...Yes I am...we can share our thoughts...and craft supplies! ;-)) N x

  5. I think that little apple dumpling didn't fall far from the mama tree! ;) What a cute family you have!

    Unfortunately, I don't Facebook, so I can't "Like" it there, but I do wish her much success in her endeavor! I'm sure her work is going to be well-received!

    Best wishes, Marrissa!

  6. Thanks Willow - I'll pass on your well wishes :)

  7. Same for me here, Niki - I am not on facebook but wish her great success in her new enterprise!

  8. Lovely and creative.


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