Saturday, October 11, 2014

October in the Shop

I was surprised to sell three items of furniture at the shop today (a dresser, washstand and pigeon hole cupboard), which left me with very few surfaces to display the smaller items on.
It called for a bit of a rejig, so I thought you might enjoy a tour...

Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. So many lovely items in your shop! You did a great job of rearranging everything!

  2. Thanks Willow - I can't believe how full it still looks, despite good sales this week!
    Happy weekend to you, Niki x

  3. what a wide variety of "pretties" you have in your shop - anyone could just walk in the door and find something they couldn't resist - good thing I do not live close by!!

  4. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Hi Niki, I loved that little tour and am still desperate to visit you in real life :) that suitcase of teddies,oh my,so gorgeous. :) Could I ask you if they are available for sale via the net? I know Ive bought from you before but cant remember how. I was hoping to get another vintage Ted,just like the one i ve already got on my blog,its 1970 s unmarked. If you get the chance and they are for sale could you let me know? many thanks and best wishes julieXXXX

  5. Anonymous8:34 pm

    p.s. forgot to say your shop is so gorgeous Xxxxx

  6. Hi Julie, Many thanks for your kind comments. I am closing-down my shop next month - been there five years now and will be tied in for another five if I don't leave by December...ready for a new challenge, so reluctantly closing.
    Thanks for your interest - I'm always happy to post out items if they are still available. If there is a particular bear that you've seen, then let me know - I am happy to take more photos for your approval before purchase. I'm back at the shop on Thursday, so can do that then. (I can accept payment via PayPal or cheque.)

    Have a great week, Niki x
    Email me direct if you like

  7. it looks so warm and cozy, beautiul kx


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