Monday, October 06, 2014

Foraging and Quick Fixes

Was foraging at the weekend for more vintage treasures...thought you may like to see the results...?
Beads and braids...
Pretty painted cards.

Loads of lace to launder.

Fripperies for fairies.

Childhood cuties.

Marvellous mohair in a multitude of colours.
And lovely lampshades of several sizes.
I bought one small item for myself - this little c1920's bisque doll.
I felt sorry for her, as she is missing her arms and her original clothes are in shreds, but she's still adorable and now stands with friends in one of my cabinets...
Today I've been sorting through my finds and after photographing them for you, I worked on a few quick fixes... 
I'm going to use the little wire toast rack for displaying short lengths of antique lace at the fairs. 
This tin letter rack is modern, but I thought it would also be useful at the fairs to display my handmade greetings cards in. 
Using this wonderful vintage rose fabric, I gave it a simple face-lift - I cut out some of the roses from the fabric and stuck them to the rack with PVA glue.

Two tiny antique mirrors that had seen better days, also needed some work. 
I decorated the frames with antique lace...
And tidied up the backs with sections of vintage wallpaper. 

Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. You always find the best things! If I ever get over to your part of the world, I'm going shopping with you! ;)

    Yours is one of very few blogs I click on the pics to see them all in a larger format so I can examine all the pretty little details! That tatted doily is so sweet!

    I can't wait to see what you create with all the little treasures you've found!

  2. What lovely treasures you have found
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. All what you bought would have caught my eye, Niki. In what perfect conditions the cards are! And the toast rack is so cute, something one finds not so often here. And for sure, you had to rescue the lady without arms. Hope you will have great success at the fair! P.S. I imagine that the shells will host a fairy. Me too, I always have to click your pictures to see all the details.

  4. Wonderful finds and your quick fix makeovers are delightful!x


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