Sunday, July 02, 2006

1950's Prom Gown

Whenever I come across the wonderful tulle layered American Prom gowns of the 1950's, I cannot resist!! I love the frothy layers, the pastel colours and the feminine quality of them. My latest purchase didn't make it to my Antiques Stand, however! My youngest daughter, age 12, spied it and had to try it on! It fitted her perfectly, amazing to think this may have been worn by a young woman in the 50's- not a 12 year old!! Anyway, I didn't have the heart to say that she couldn't keep it- especially as she looked soooo pretty! It probably won't fit her for very long, but it will look lovely displayed in her pink bedroom, and the fact that she appreciates something old, makes me smile, too!


  1. Anonymous11:04 pm

    she looks lovely, how wonderful that she does appreciate such things. my little girl is just 8 and Im afraid I have put her off "vintage" because I'm always going on about it. Hopefully when she is a bit older, she will appreciate what I have taught her though!

  2. How beautiful. My 16 year old daughter has just had her prom. It's a great occasion.


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