Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Any Old Iron!

This is where we live! We have lived here for 8 years this month, having moved from a Bristol suburb. It is a stone house built in 1930 from the local stone. It was once the village post office and has also been a B&B. We have recently added a stone porch to the front entrance- something I had wanted to do for a while, as the wind used to howl under our old front door in the winter time! I finished painting the new front door the other day and have added a vine wreath to welcome visitors! I am not keen on the roof line where the tiles meet the stonework though-too much cement showing- so I am now on the lookout for any old ironwork to cover it up! Or maybe some carved wood salvaged from a Victorian Villa...you know the kind of thing! That's another trip to the local reclamation yard then! Oh my husband will be pleased! I'm sure he's thinking 'Why can't we get something from B&Q like 'normal' people!'

to be continued....


  1. What a beautiful home! The porch is perfect and balances the house well. I especially love the hollyhock peeking from the side. What is through the door you hear me ask..!?

  2. Thank you posy!
    When I am feeling brave I shall post some photos from inside my home!....

  3. Pretty house Niki. I recognise that stone as I spent my childhood in Somerset. Yes a peek inside please ;-)

    I have one of those husbands too, he groans every time I come back from the bootsale with my 'treasures' (crap he calls it, hehehe)

  4. Great porch Niki & a very lovely colour on your front door (similar to the one on mine actually... We have great taste! LOL). Your daughter looks wonderful in the 50s dress by the way. WHAT wouldn't we all have given for a frock like that at 12?! 3 cheers to you for letting her keep it!


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