Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Royal Discovery!!

I recently purchased these two wedding photographs from an antiques warehouse- They probably date from the 1930's. I like to take along old photographs to the Vintage Fashion Fairs that I attend, so thought they would be interesting...They were very dusty, so I decided I would take out the photos to give the frames and glass a good clean. After removing the old rusty nails and the backing board, I made an amazing discovery!.....
Hiding beneath the wedding couple was a beautiful photograph of Queen Alexandra in the most stunning dress! - Behind the backing board of the second frame was a photograph of King Edward VII.They are both signed and dated 1889 and were printed by 'Walery' Photographer to the Queen, 164, Regents Street, London. I love the one of Queen Alexandra- her costume is fantastic the detail is incredible and her waist so tiny!


  1. Oh lucky you! but as an avid collector of vintage wedding pics,my personal preference is of the bride and groom! but what an amazing discovery!

  2. What a great dicovery,
    the vintage wedding photo's are lovely and then those wonderful photo's of Queen Alexandra and King Edward hiding beneath them.
    I guess they will look great in your workroom.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog. I like the pictures of your home very much - beautiful! Regards from Norway..


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