Friday, July 14, 2006

Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair, Somerset.

Most dealers have huge vans to load all of their goodies into- or at least an estate car, not me! Here is a photo of my tiny car packed and ready to go to the Antiques and Collectables fair!

Off I went to Shepton Mallet- the whole lot creaking as I drove along!! But we made it- thank you little car! Then there was the unpacking....Several hours later my stall was set up!......

My stall is bright and colourful- a little mad maybe, compared to some of the other stands- but I don't care! I think it's fun- something that the antiques trade needs more of! Thanks to everyone who made a purchase! I am back tomorrow and Sunday.....


  1. Anonymous8:35 am

    fabulous stall! I wish I was there to see it. It will be my turn next week as I intend to have a stall at Ardingly antiques fair. I have a bigger car, but you can bet that it will be just as crammed!
    liz x

  2. Hello! I love your site and I have stumbled upon your fabulous blog! what would I not give to be at that fair! we have similar interests,I particularly like your post on vintage corsages,spookily I have a post on my blog about them too!

  3. Hi, Thanks for your kind words! They are a tough crowd at the Shepton Mallet Fair- I could have done with some more people coming to see me at my stall, who were on my wave length!! Good to hear from more Vintage Girls!
    Love Niki.x

  4. oooooh Niki it all looks delicious. I wish I had been there :-) I hope you sold loads of goodies and your car went home a little emptier!

  5. Anonymous11:38 pm

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