Thursday, July 20, 2006


Wow!! It's been sooo hot! I've spent lots of time in my bathroom this week, having cold showers trying to cool's become my sanctuary. I began to look at it afresh. I have had it red and white for some time, which I love, but I thought I would try introducing some other colours in the accessories....
I have a glass fronted cupboard that I bought at a local junk shop to display vintage treasures and also store handtowels, bubble baths, soaps etc. A few years ago I bought some French shelf papers, that I had forgotten about and never used. -They were in red and white and also green...So that was a good starting point. I added some other green items and also some black. (Was it Terence Conran who once said that all room schemes should include something black in them somewhere?) Anyway, I think the black adds a sophisticated, boudoir look....

My favourite tin has an embroidered fabric lid, with beautifully worked flowers- great for storing cotton wool balls! As is the little wire basket that I have lined in vintage fabric.

I have a collection of bottles that I fill with bubble bath, to make them look special. Added to this are piles of soaps and lavender bags, so that when the cupboard is opened it smells wonderful! I realise many people couldn't live with this amount of clutter, but I think the whole lot creates a pleasing image- more fun than a framed print or painting, because it can be changed around at will.


  1. Mmmmmmm it's totally delicious Niki. I covet your cupboard! I love things on display and have soaps and bottles in the bathroom too that no one is allowed to touch!

  2. How utterly stunning! I love your bathroom and that cupboard is to die for! you have exquisite taste!

  3. Aw!! Such kind comments- thanks so much. It's taken courage on my part to post photos from insde my home!


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