Friday, September 15, 2006

Dolly Fashions!

You may remember that I bought three tiny china dolls from my local flea market, a couple of weeks ago. Well, I got around to making one of them decent!!

It was very fiddley to do, but she now models a pretty vintage fabric dress. It has a full skirt into a fitted bodice and puffed sleeves with lace cuffs. A blue button trims the front. Just you wait and see, this will be on all the catwalks for next summer!!!....

I now have two more to do as the other dolls are a bit chilly!!

But they do have several other friends!


  1. Niki, She looks fabulous and no doubt she'll be breaking a lot of hearts soon ... I've found some tiny tiny buttons in amongst my trimmings etc, so I'll aim to bring them to Shepton! Keep up the good work! Sue xx

  2. Get that little girle some dollie clothes....

    Have a really nice weekend...I'll be posting my latest finds on Monday...

  3. She looks real lovely!

  4. Lovely little dresses on the dolls. I just love dolls!


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