Saturday, September 09, 2006

Vintage Textile Fair, Bath.

Yesterday I visited a wonderful vintage textile fair, held at the beautiful American Museum, Claverton Manor, Bath. (UK)

It is set in stunning grounds and is a fantastic day out.

The ladies pictured, where making traditional posies, using herbs and flowers from the gardens.

Here are my purchases from the day...a colourful collection of French buttons of all types and a lace panel, seen in the background, that I will use at some of my windows...

an unused piece of 1920's fabric, over two meters long....(Love the vibrant colours!)

Three French catalogues from the 1930's of Fur Fashions...

...The models are so glamorous....

This is a large bag full of French fabric scraps that I also bought, many of which are C19th. (It was just £7.00.) They are perfect for patchwork projects. I LOVE the little cherub on the old Toile de Jouy fabric!

Can't wait to start my next sewing project!!.....


  1. Oh, all your fabric looks so lovely! I just love such fabric in things I sew too.

  2. I can't wait to see what you make with your lovely fabrics. I am jealous. I never seem to find any vintage fabric at sales.

  3. Oh you astound me! those little French buttons are wonderful and that fabric! you have far better fairs in your area than we do here in the North,Glad you had a good day Niki!

  4. I should like to visit ther...I know..we could meet there and have a spo'a tea.

  5. What great buttons, I really like the little glass ones. We went to a car boot today and found a big bag of buttons for 50p!!

  6. Anonymous10:15 am

    more wonderful finds...those fabrics are divine! and i love the ladies & the posies...i always use herbs (especially rosemary) from my garden in with my flower arrangements too :)

  7. What's on your "to do" list for the week...lots of painting here on my homefront...big delivery to make on Friday...

    P.S. I have some new "friends" thanks to you!!!

    chat soon.

  8. Hi Cityfarmer, I have lots to do this week...I have a large three day Antiques Fair coming up on the 22nd sept.that I have a stand at. So need to make lots of handmade items from my vintage fabrics that I have bought recently. Bags are my best sellers, so need to crack on....
    Have a good week,

  9. Anonymous7:23 pm

    these fabrics look delightful.
    I wish i could sew!

  10. Mmmmmm I am drooling over my keyboard! What yummy fabrics you lucky girl you :-)

  11. OOOOHHHHH what a lovely fabric.Now I know for sure that I'm living in the wrong country!
    I never seen that around here.I'm jealous!!!!!!!

  12. Can't wait to see your new projects using these lovely fabrics!

  13. Ah, another wonderful batch of treasures...I love those fabric snippets!


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