Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Angel

I would like to share with you this morning, one of my favourite angel. She is old and shabby and I don't know where she came from originally, but I think she is special. I bought her at an antiques fair many years ago...I saw her as I was leaving, but with just £2.00 left in my purse, I hardly dare ask the price. (I was half expecting a small fortune) - But when the stall holder replied 'you can have her for £2.00'- I knew I was meant to have her!

I look at her every day. Sometimes she just stops me in my tracks, I look at her and feel at peace. I think we all need that in this hectic life- just a moment to pause.


  1. Your angel is beautiful. She looks so tender and kind. Sweet. I have an angel too, at the size like this one, but it is a new one. But very cute. :o)

  2. She's lovely Niki. I have some beautiful old postcards of angels, I think I'll share them with everyone soon! Clare x

  3. Beautiful! Love the little heart that she is holding.

  4. Anonymous9:02 pm

    i just love your angel niki, she is beautiful!

  5. a word.

    She would have stopped me in my tracks,too

    She was meant for you.

  6. Your Angel is lovely.

    Is this a post for the Autumnal Flame?

    ( I gotta get busy and get my flame posted )

    These photos are nice ! Very peaceful.

    I'd like to be there.

  7. Love the angel Niki.
    Whenever I'm out hunting for treasures I seem to have angels following me lately. I have quite a few...old and new but I love them all and I feel so much better with them in my surroundings.


  8. Oh I am a big Angel person! she is beautiful, I always look for Angels when I am treasure hunting!

  9. Thank you all for your comments...glad you like my angel....she is something that I wouldn't wish to part with...

  10. Oh, she is beautiful : )

  11. Oh yes that was surely destiny that you got her for your last 2 dollars Niki! If only the angel I adore would have such a bargain price too! I love how you have decorated it with that little fabric heart!

  12. Oops i've meant to say pounds instead of dollars lol
    Yep it's a flame of autumn post too. Sandy is right!

  13. What a lovely angel!


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