Monday, September 18, 2006


A lovely lady that I know owns a very unusual little 'junk' shop, selling old furniture and small country style items. She leads a simple life in her very English cottage and I so admire her for being able to do that. She spends her time looking for possible pieces of furniture to receive her unique talents at recycling. She can often be found with her overalls on and a paint brush in her hand! Or she may not notice that you have entered her shop, as she puts a jigsaw to good use in her workshop!!

The only problem is that she lives in the next village, so the temptation is always there for me to go and see what new treasures have arrived!!

Anne's home is being featured in an interiors magazine this month. If you get the chance to have a look in 'Period House' October 06, you will find her there!

She has a beautiful cottage dating from 1777. As you enter, it is like stepping back to that time - many of the original features as possible have been preserved, with their original finishes and quirks. She has no central heating, just three log burners that need her constant attention during the colder months. She does however have hot and cold running water and electricity, but cooks on a huge old range.

I'm thrilled that her home has been featured in this glossy, as Anne has created a fabulous home on the teeniest of budgets. She (and her home) are a gem!
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki! I've seen the feature and really enjoyed it - we hope to visit soon; I know it will be a place I'll love! Clare x

  2. Ohhh! What magazine is that? Wonder if I could find that over here?

  3. I'll be running right out to the bookstore to find that...sounds like a kindred spirit...Iusually have paint everywhere, even in my hair...

    I posted all the finds from the weekend.

    Missed you all.

  4. Sounds like an interesting lady.

  5. What a beautiful pictures of her home!

  6. Hi Niki,
    Her home is a dream! I love the stone walls and even if the floor boards gave way I wouldn’t care just so I could live in such a beautiful place. The home, furniture and decor just exudes the past! Thanks for sharing,

  7. Thanks every one for your comments- Anne is a wonderful woman and has become a great friend. She has an amazing home. (and shop!)
    This article is in October's edition of 'Period House' magazine- I'm not sure if it is available in the US or Canada.

  8. I am going to hunt it down this week! :)

  9. It looks lovely in that house, and the store sounds very interesting! I love such things too. :o)


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