Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lavender Hearts.

OK- Sorry to mention the 'C' word, but Christmas is coming....I have been having a 'play' with some lavender filled vintage fabric hearts, with Christmas in mind.

I have stitched lots of vintage bits and bobs onto one side of the heart and surrounded it with antique lace. I was thinking that it could be used after Christmas too- hung in the boudoir to scent the room! I would have liked to have put them on my website, but the cost of all the little vintage piece, would perhaps mean the price would be too high for most people's pockets. I may have to tone down the amount of pieces stitched on!

There is a chandelier drop stitched to the maybe it is a bit over the top for most peoples taste anyway. Lace and a drop may be enough?!! I do like the Victorian quality that it has though....I shall have another go anyway.......


  1. Love it just as it is but still look forward to seeing others. It's so beautiful and not just for Christmas so I don't really see why it would be too expensive. Afterall what a wonderful gift for someone special or yourself.

  2. this is just a piece of collection.. you can have it everywhere in the home..
    love it.. especially the cristal drop gave it a different style

  3. Hope you don't mind but I have been visiting for a while so I have just added you to my links.

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for visiting! I don't mind you adding me to your links- I'm chuffed!
    When I click on your name though, it says 'Blogger not found'? So I can't visit your blog at the moment.

  5. Anonymous12:34 pm

    These are little treasures...
    I love them...put ONE up for sale and see how quickly it goes..!!
    Just hope I get there first..

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty eye candy you have! And I LOVE what you have done with the manniquins. I've been looking for an idea to get rid of that "piece of furniture with the many drawers" where I keep my jewelry. Now I am going to look for a manniquin. I'm excited about it! Thanx!

  7. Hi Niki - I love the lavender hearts. I'm just wondering about a few for Somerton. They'd look super incorporated in the window display. I might need to place an order! Sue

  8. So lovely...and serene...I come to you at the end of a long an auction feverishly bidding all day on antiques, then loading and then driving home three hours...and then unloading...I know you know how much hard work this business is!!!

    Chat soon.

  9. Hi Niki,
    I love these romantic victorian hearts. I love what you did with the crystal drop. I'm sure you'll sell them very fast. I made one last year that is tea stained and pinned on old brooches but I never sewed anything on it.I think it's stored away with the xmas stuff. I'll have to dig it up sometime. Beautiful work Niki.


  10. What a work of art! I LOVE the tear drop hanging from this heart.I adore Lavender..grow it,bath with it,scented candle of it, drink it (in tea)grow it, dry it you name it I love lavender!

  11. I really like lavender, your bags look lovely, My favourite is the heart with buttons and beads. Toby has been collecting and drying some, he wants to make some bags on his new 'toy', this late Nana's sewing machine, which he has just started using.

  12. I really love what you did with the heart you made. Anyone who realises how much went into the finding of the things and the making of it, will accept the price will not be cheap. I am sure you will get some buyers for them, if you put them on your site. Try it what have you got to loose.

  13. Oh Niki they are lovely and don't be sorry for spelling out the C word, you know I did too cause time is flying fast!

    Yes I guess you're right, I for one think the glass drop is a bit to big in the proportions to the heart if you know what I try to say with my not so perfect English skills. I think lace and some gorgeous buttons of flowers in the middle line would be enough! Just my opinion, well all tastes are different, at least a bit and that is what makes it interesting.

    Have I told you that I also love lavender and fabric hearts anyhow?
    Carol xox

  14. Love the hearts! They look very beautiful with all the buttons and lace!


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