Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Latest Finds.

Here are my purchases from last Sunday's car boot sale...Two beautiful photograph mounts with old photos in them of little girls, in what look like fancy dress costumes....

Such a beautiful dress this little girl is wearing, the bodice is covered in flowers...

Another tin filled with colourful buttons....I can't resist!

A picture frame covered in red velvet- this would look perfect framing an old piece of Toile de Jouy fabric or I may do a small piece of red patchwork in my French fabrics that I bought the other day- and frame that.
All of these lovely sparkley brooches....

And diamante necklaces.

**** Picture to go here********
****When Blogger lets me!!****

And lastly, top right, I bought an old laundry bag with roses on and some lovely French fabrics from Sue's stand.


  1. Wow what treasures, all that jewelery looks so gorgeous! And that album with the old photos is wonderful too!

  2. Are you out buying everyday ...stop it now!!!!

  3. Everthing is sooo yummy!!! If I came across all those items I would have picked them up as well.

  4. Oh, you got such lovely finds! The broches are adorable.

  5. You find such wonderful things, makes me want to go to more boot fairs!

  6. The photos are wonderful, I am a sucker for old photos, they always look so 'lonely' as if they needed adopting. The mounts are quite gorgeous.

  7. Anonymous2:40 am

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