Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fair Days and Lilac Trees.

Yesterday I had my stand at the Honiton Textile, Costume and Decorative Fair. It was a good day to catch-up with like-minded women and to sell some stock too! I was amazed to see Louise, one of my lovely website customers, had come all the way to the fair from Warwickshire!! She very kindly bought me a bunch of Anemones too. (Louise hopes to start her own blog soon!)
Liz (see post below), also had a stand at the fair; she had a breathtaking collection of costume and vintage accessories......

I couldn't spend the whole day surrounded by beautiful things and not get tempted! - so had to make a few purchases!! ....
An amazing painted hatstand to add to my collection and (yes more!) vintage fabrics; including 1950's barkcloth printed with rose buds, a 1930's pair of curtains with a classic green background and some small pieces of French fabric for my next sewing project.

I am considering giving-up with the vintage fairs. It takes a day to prepare stock and load my car, a day at the fair, then a day to sort and store the stock on my return. That's three days that I could be sewing!! There are lots of people I would miss, so would still have to visit to buy, naturally!!

A photo of the stunning Anemones (Thanks again Louise. x) And I couldn't resist picking some of my White Lilac flowers.
A very old Lilac tree grows in my back garden. The scent is heavenly.
I also planted two new Lilacs in my front garden last year. They have rewarded me with beautiful blooms already.

Thank you for all of your lovely comments to my last post. Wish I could have taken you with me!
Niki x


  1. I wish that the Louise who was able to visit you at the fair was THIS Louise! heehee SOMEDAY I WILL make it back to England - I do miss those yearly visits very much! You have once again managed to find some of the most beautiful treasures! Those fabrics are just FABULOUS! And your lilacs and those anemones are gorgeous!!!

  2. I wish I could have gone to Honiton but it was just a bit too far. I want to make it to the Giant flea Market though.

    I remember when we gave up Hammersmith fair - I miss the people and the gossip but I don't miss the journey or those stairs - up and down - why are there always stairs!!

    Anyway you will have to visit the fairs just to keep us lot happy!

    Love all your beautiful flowers.
    best wishes Ginny

  3. Anonymous2:32 pm

    As always Nikki your stall looked wonderful, very much wish I had been there. Your purchases were lovely and my how beautifully your garden grows.

  4. I can smell the lilac from here! I love all white flowers and used to buy nothing else, but with age has come variety!!!!!

    I see Ginny hopes to come to the Giant Flea. It will be good to meet some more bloggers there! Just point her in my direction so we can all have a giggle!


  5. It was lovely to meet up with you yesterday Niki. I was one of the lucky ones to be able to attend.

    I know what you mean about the work involved with selling at fairs. Now you have a successful website I guess the need to do them isn't so great but yes you must come and buy so that we can still meet up.

    Love your fabric buys. I am jealous of the rosebuds but I got some of the dark green french fabric too, gorgeous isn't it?

  6. We don't have fairs like these! Only craft ones and flea markets. I love that barkcloth and have never seen that pattern!

  7. Another gorgeous antique/craft/textile fair that you've attended/participated in...sigh, just breaks my heart all the vintage beauty.
    The lilacs are gorgeous--I can smell them from here!

  8. Looks like so much fun. Wish I could have been there.
    It's a long way from California.
    Your flowers are beautiful.
    Have a great day!

  9. hi niki,why is it the best fairs etc, are so far away,i would love to go to one,where is the Giant flea market one at, your garden seems to be a fair size and all those flowers,heavenly scents,best wishes ann.

  10. I have been gone for a few days and it was fun to get caught up on your blog. I would have loved to travel every where with you. You have found wonderful treasures ....also lovely pictures of flowers. It will help me to think spring.

  11. Wow..this is a beautiful post, with lots and lots of beautiful have cheered me up!!!

  12. OOOOh! I love the lilacs and the fabrics...sooo pretty! Springtime is delightful in your country! I was once there in May!

  13. wow lovely lovely things wish i was at your fair.
    Long walk from here though im thinking.YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED.Please go to my blog to see what you have been tagged for

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  15. Hello Ann, thanks for your comment.
    The Giant Flea Market is at Shepton Mallet. I see that you are in Lincolnshire - the nearest fair to you is Newark I think. (That's the largest one in the country - so you are sure to find treasures there!)

  16. Fab fair pics Niki and as always I love seing pictures from your country garden! Your lilac is beautiful in bloom! Whish I had a white one too! Oh well I never can get enough of gorgeous flowers lol Hugs Carol xox

  17. What a glorious place! I wish I could have been there.
    Of course, I would have fought you for those fabrics. LOL :)

    I haven't done a show for a couple of years now. Like you said...sooo much work.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the event, but the prep before and after are just too much.

    And those lilacs and anemones are beautiful!

  18. It's all wonderful stuff but you must tell me what that lavender item on the hanger is... in the first photo.

    Lavendar gets me every time!


  19. Nikki,
    What a fun day that must have been, I would have spent all the money I made selling my things on other venders.

  20. Hi Niki

    Thank you for the lovely photo of your stand - I really miss your stand at the DMG fair! Wasn't that lovely of Louise, anemones are so beautiful.

    You bought some beautiful things, I LOVE the floral green curtains!

    Your lilacs are so pretty, we have one which may need to be tamed this year!

    Thank you for sharing your day at the fair and floral delights!

    Clare x

  21. hi niki,many thanks for info on fair,i missed the last newark fair as i got unexpected visitors!
    but i have promised myself i will get there this year,best wishes ann.

  22. Love Love Love all of your beautiful things! Those fabrics are just so pretty! Heather

  23. The lilacs are glorious.

  24. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Oh, I love those vintage talc tins & what beautiful fabrics. The bright floral one is to die for! Hope to see what you will create with them. I wonder if there are textile fairs here - I must see & go! :)

  25. Anonymous2:32 am

    As always, such beauty to be found at your blog! How I wish I could have visited you in person! At least I can through here.... everything is gorgeous Niki!


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