Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bye For Now - Be Back Soon!

My youngest daughter finally breaks up from school tomorrow. We all need this much anticipated rest, as we haven't stopped since the few days off at Christmas. I intend to close my website today, until August 5th. (Orders can still be placed, but I will not be able to process them until the August date. I will not be responding to emails during this time either) I hope to have a summer sale later to clear some of the vintage treasures.

I'm looking forward to spending some time with my family and to making decisions as to how best to take my business forward in the light of certain events that have occurred this year.
I shall leave you with some photos of my favourite flowers at the moment, taken in this morning's sunshine.

A second flush of Wisteria blooms and my passion flower which normally flowers right up until Christmas!

The Hollyhocks have seeded themselves everywhere!

Bye for now - be back soon!

Niki x


  1. Enjoy your holiday! - I love your Blog which I just found today, Andrina

  2. Hi Niki,
    We will sure miss you! Loads!!
    But, we all need some time off from time to time, so we can recharge our batteries.
    I hope you have a lovely time, catching up with the family and friends.
    Have a lovely "Summer" holiday!!!
    Kisses Kisses

  3. Niki, have a good rest and enjoy your holiday. As usual you a beautiful pictures. Love your flowers, the hollyhocks and passion flower, ahhhhhh. You just have such beautiful things! As always thanks for sharing them with me. xo, suzy

  4. Have a wonderful summer Niki

  5. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Have a lovely, restful break, dear Niki and family. Jackie Mx

  6. Enjoy the break Niki! Feel free to send any hollyhock seeds in the direction of Somerton!!!!

    Sue x

  7. Enjoy your summer hols Niki,hope you and yours have a lovely time xx

  8. Love the Sea Urchin picture! Hope you have a sweet rest of the summer :)

  9. Hope you have a lovely break!;-)

  10. hope you and your urchins enjoy the seaside! WAHEY! it's summer and it's hot! Saw your mum (with one of your beautiful bags!) and dad today - they never change!

  11. enjoy your little vaca! debbie

  12. Have a lovely summer Niki x

  13. Enjoy - your break Niki - you really DO deserve it...I know just how you feel, except you have put it in a kinder way than me! I nearly shut up shop altogether!...and i nearly deleted the lot like fred!

    Good idea to post something like this though! mines now for invited guests only for a bit until i decide what to do about the situation! ill get you on my mail list though, but like you - not much will be going on over the summer, wont it be refreshing to do something with out thinking - i better blog about it! How realxing!

    Have a good one!

    Speak to you soon - luv hay xx

  14. Anonymous9:30 pm

    I love the pic of the single stalk pink hollyhock. The light reflecting from behind is lovely.

  15. Enjoy your time off! I hope you still blog or I think I may go through withdrawal!

  16. Have a wonderful break and escape from it all Niki..
    ~Time to relax, reflect and re-charge those batteries..

    Michele xx

  17. I followed a link to your front door and stopped for awhile to visit. Much to my delight I find that even though separated by miles of ocean your passions are shared.
    Enjoy your rejuvenation and I shall visit again upon your return.

  18. Hi Niki
    I have just spent ages catching up on your posts and loving reading them and looking at all your wonderful photos of your vintage treasures. I have a question which is totally unrelated to things vintage. Does your passion flower plant bear fruit? We have recently moved house and there are masses of passion fruit in the garden. This will sound a stupid question but can I eat them? I don't know anyone else to ask. I have bought passion fruit but don't know if ones in the shop are a different variety etc. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  19. Niki,
    I noticed your question about passion flower. I recently bought a passion flower vine. I did some research. The variey grown for fruit is Passiflora edulis. The variety usually found in nurseries and garden centers (at least in the U.S.) is Passiflora incarnata. It's fruit is edible, but seedy. One sight stated it "mostly benefits wildlife". Google each by its scientific name for more info.

  20. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this last post, Niki, I shall investigate further!


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