Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jam Jar Vases

I've been cocooned inside my workroom for the last few days, (been busy making lots of new bags and typing write-ups for my website), so thought I would take a ten minute breather and bring some sunshine into the house.
I started by scanning and printing a few of my favourite vintage postcard images on my PC. I love these cottage garden ones which I come across at flea markets occasionally. They are printed by 'Raphael Tuck & Son's' and are from the 'Oilette' series, which are reproduced images of famous artworks.

After cutting out my favourite image, I then covered the surface in a piece of clear sticky-backed plastic, trimmed to fit. This will protect the print from splashes of water and make this quick-fix last a little longer.
I used some PVA glue, applied with a paintbrush to the back of the print and smoothed it onto the glass. The tall vase is an old storage jar that has lost its lid and the little one is an ordinary jam jar soaked of its label.
A 5 minute wander around my garden, scissors in hand, produced this mixed bunch of summer colour. I am going to a friend's house for lunch tomorrow, so will fill the small jar with flowers for her in the morning- they should survive the half hour car journey better, if kept in water.
Love the jumble of colours in this mixed posy and the quick-fix jam jar vases are an effective and simple transformation....now back to work!!
Hope you're having a good week,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous1:32 pm

    how very pretty, just off to try it. thank you for the idea. jeanjeannie.x

  2. Gorgeous Niki, love the printed label for the jar, it is so pretty. I put some wildflowers in a jar the other week and don't want to move them from the kitchen windowsill, I think I prefer them to proper vases
    Have agood week

  3. Hello Niki,
    I love your vase of flowers, just so simple and beautiful.
    We had a ladies luncheon the other day and used jelly jars tied with fabric bows. They turned out nice and the women so enjoyed them...Have a wonderful day Pinkie

  4. What a beautiful idea Niki! I love this!! I think it would be beautiful with a fabric strip as well....I've got to try this! xxoo, Dawn

  5. Anything to do with postcards, reproductions, art projects grabs my attention. Great Job.

  6. Lovely idea! I really adore those old picture postcards of vintage gardens..the colours are so vivid arent they?

  7. Ps. Teena at Kitschen pink wants to see a picture of that towelling swimsuit your mum made!!! it certainly sounds delightful..we just had those crazy 70s towelling modesty tubes with an elasticated neck for changing on the beach but alas, never a towelling swimsuit!!

  8. Oh your garden must be amazing to find so many flowers in such a short time! I can manage a few roses but then its Ragged Robin, Dock and Dandelions! ps. and yes I think we absolutely need to ask mumsie for a picture of that swimsuit! :-) xxx

  9. Isn't that cute so pretty!?!?! I've done that the last couple of weeks - taking old jars and decoupaging them and making them "special" and then throwing in colored stones and ribbons and painting their lids. Hop over, my little bunny, and have a look!! Love what you've done - luscious bouquets, sweetpea.

  10. Niki those are stunning! What a clever idea!

  11. What a pretty idea!


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