Friday, July 04, 2008

Deco Dolly

Wow, where ever did this week go(?) - I can't believe its Friday again.....Hope you all had a wonderful week.
I was happy to discover this original flapper dolls head the other day, which I thought would look perfect converted into a hat stand to display with my collection.
I wanted her to look as authentic as possible, so decided to use a tiny scrap of 1920's velvet that I had been saving and try to fashion a cloche hat fit for a well turned-out flapper girl!
I started by winding the velvet around her head and held it in place with a couple of stitches.
I then pleated the top into shape, stitching as I went.
The excess fabric was then wound around her neck to create a cowl neckline.
I then added a tiny antique ribbon flower to the side and a diamante button to her shoulder.
Luckily I had an old wooden hat stand base in my workroom, with chippy paint, so it was just a case of sitting her on the top. I finished off the base with a few velvet millinery flowers glued in place.
I spent yesterday attending a vintage textile fair, but I have to say that there was very little that I found to tempt me to buy. I came away with two sweet vintage muslin baby bonnets......
and some antique lace pieces which I shall enjoy incorporating into my handmade items.

These two small pieces are my favourites with the pale blue embroidered rose buds adding an unusual detail.
Have a great weekend,
Niki x


  1. What a fabulous transformation! Love the lace, too!

  2. What you have done to that flapper doll head is exquisite, Niki! Your laces and trims will look stunning on your creations! =)

  3. Oh Niki! The flapper doll head is beautiful!!! You made it twice as beautiful with your touch as well...I love your taste! xxoo, Dawn

  4. wow..such a simple idea yet so clever..lovely!

  5. You're so clever! Love the lace too. I finally found the bits I had tucked away for you so I will email you about them soon :-)

  6. Oh, the doll turned out absolutely beautiful!! You are so talented!

  7. oooh I love it Niki! You always create such beautiful things. SOrry I haven't been to visit in awhile... I am enjoying catching up on your blog posts.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

  8. Isn't sure just so pretty!!?? Great job, Nikki!! You always have such wonderful ideas and pull them off so beautifully. Totally wonderful!! Brilliant!!!!!!!


  9. Hello Niki,
    Wow, it looks incredible...just like
    it came that way. I love all your beautiful lace finds too. Have a wonderful weekend. Pinkie

  10. I love the deco doll transformation, I wouldn;t mind a hat like that!!!

  11. Jeepers...i'm in awe of your transformation--she looks fabulous. thanks for sharing what you did.

  12. She is gorgeous! You make it look so easy...I love her face.

  13. Well, she is just gorgeous in her lovely handmade vintage velvet hat and cowl neck!

  14. Oh how lovely, my english lass! Just lovely.....

  15. I just love the dollhead you fixed up are very clever & I wish I had your imagination . Sue


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