Monday, July 21, 2008

My Perfect Sunday....

Hubby and I set off early on Sunday morning to a sale in Frome, where I bought a tin filled with old buttons and two beautifully hand embroidered tablecloths. One has four attractive appliqued crinoline lady panels, which I shall recycle into bags and cushions.

After leaving the sale we headed off into the Dorset countryside to Dairy House Antiques. Many of you will know that Sue recently took over the running of this fascinating emporium, where she has created a very welcoming establishment! Sue and hubby Paul greeted us at the car park and very quickly had the kettle on making tea for us!

Sue's stock is on display as you walk into the newly created entrance and offers a visual feast for us vintage fabric loving girls!

There is a tasty mix of stock throughout the two main floors, with rooms set out in different styles, with pieces to suit all budgets.
We really enjoyed our visit and Sue deserves to do well, having already made some beneficial changes to the running, with lots more improvements to come to delight its visitors.

I bought a beautiful French textile from Sue and couldn't resist this cute couple from one of the other dealers! (When I got them home my daughters thought they were hysterical and so typical of my taste!
Can't think what they mean.... ;-))

We left Sue and Paul as another customer was just arriving and drove the short distance into Shaftesbury. I'm sure some of you will know of the wonderful view obscured by the church in the centre of the town. (There is a big clue at the bottom of the photo below!)

'Gold Hill', where the 'Hovis' advertisement was filmed many years ago, takes your breath away as you round the corner.

To enjoy the view for as long as possible, we decided to lunch in the cafe at the top.....

Where wholesome salads and homemade pies are served.

Well refreshed, we decided to walk-off the lunch and head to the bottom of the hill....
...That was the easy bit.....

....walking back up was much harder work!
We continued along to the Abbey and soaked up the stunning views over the plateau and the pretty herbaceous gardens.

After our walk we had to get back to our car to drive a little further through this laid-back county. My friend who is the antique textile dealer (see post below), had made a final sort through of her lifetime's collection of fabrics and had invited me back for one last look through her treasures.

We drove past an old cottage being re-thatched......

along the perimeters of blue flowering fields to reach her home.

I was thrilled to find so many more beautiful antique textiles to add to my collection and am very grateful to have been invited to have a final rummage before she enjoys her well earned retirement.

Here are a few of my favourite fabric panels. I really don't need to buy any more vintage fabrics ever again....but don't hold me to that!....I may not be able to help myself!.....
Hope you all had a perfect Sunday too and have a great week.
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki

    What a great day you'd had by the time you got home. I bet you were exhausted!

    Thank you so much for the fabulous write-up and photos of Dairy House. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit!

    You're braver than me I'm afraid. I've had lunch in the café at the top of Gold Hill but never been brave enough to walk to the bottom!

    Super textiles again!

    Sue x

  2. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Hi Niki!
    All seems great! From Sue's shop (I have to go there, sooner or later!!) to the beautiful landscapes, and the yummy salads! As for the textiles, they're gorgeous, as always!

    Have a wonderful week,

    Monica xo.

  3. Dear Niki,
    Nice to know you had such a lovely weekend!
    First your daughter`s birthday party, followed by yummy cake...
    And the day after, spent time with your hubby, friends, good food, nice views, lovely weather and treasure hunting.
    You are right, that is "The Perfect Weekend", in this case.
    Kisses Kisses

  4. Sounds like my kind of Sunday, what a great day in beautiful countryside too. Glad you enjoyed yourself Niki. Happy Birthday too to your 19 year old, hope she had a good day

  5. Anonymous3:59 pm

    What a lovely day Niki, it sounds quite perfect. I love the little pair of dogs, they are adorable! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week too. Jackie Mx

  6. It would be my perfect Sunday too, just delightful. Glad you had a nice day Niki. Hope to see you soon :-)

  7. Looks like a perfect Sunday, thanks for sharing it with us!

    Victoria xxx

  8. My Sunday was not as relaxing as yours, I spent it watching my son stock car racing. No trophies this week but I did enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

  9. Anonymous7:37 pm

    You lucky girl!!
    Its so beautiful !!!!!

  10. I'm called nicky too. I'm 10 years old and would love to add you to my
    favorites plz. My mums got a blog
    called she says
    she comes and leaves comments on your blog. Her names Debbie. K
    got to go bi.

  11. That would be my sort of perfect day too! ;-)

  12. Hi if you go to you will see a similar photo of Gold Hill in Jane's blog. She had it as her main banner for quite a while. She lived there and one of those cottages in your photo was where she went to school - she also loves vintage so go take a peak - I shall tell her about your trip too!

  13. Oh my hamster driven computer has just put up your whole page whilst I've been typing and I see Posy in your favourites! Oh well - must go buy another hamster LOL!

  14. Shocked I am! Am I the only person in England who thought the hovis ad was shot somewhere up North?! How silly am I?! Loved to hear about your day and love that your hubby joins in! t.xx

  15. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Gosh - that brings back memories. It's quite close to my grandparents in Wiltshire. There are some fantastic charity shops there - my mum picked up some 'fake' pearls that turned out to be real!

  16. What a great day, great finds and a GREAT view! xo, suzy

  17. Anonymous8:21 am

    Sounds like a perfectly vintage day Niki. I love the cake too!

  18. sounds like a perfect day =) and that view - TO DIE FOR!!! debbie

  19. That must have been such a fun day! I love your pictures.

  20. Oh, i love the fabrics!!! Comeby and say hi! You have alovely blog!

  21. Gold Hill! you know I've never seen such a cool place. There is nowhere like that here. One of the many reasons blogging is so wonderful. And what did you have to eat that day in the restaurant? I want a virtual tour!

  22. YOu lucky girl! What beautiful fabrics and I love those puppies! I dont know what your daughter is talking about?! Karen b...

  23. Beautiful post and scenery! It looks like something from an Enid Blyton novel. I wish we had thatched cottages in Australia.

  24. Oh these photos make me swoon. My great great ancestors were from England ( Im also Scotch Irish) and I cant help but long to visit because it seems though Ive never been spirit and mind have been there . It must be in the genes as my son is the same way. Milk in our tea and always refer to our mothers as mum. Silly huh?

  25. Thanks for the comment Niki, Charlotte my daughter and I are trying to work out how to leave comments I hope this goes to you and not some random person! lol
    Right we've written it now we need to send!


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