Tuesday, July 08, 2008

'Pigs Might Fly'......

There are some new, fun additions to Bath's fine architecture this summer. Forget the stone gargoyles on the abbey and think 'pig'! Wildly decorated life size plastic pigs have been springing up all around the city to promote awareness for the 3,000 year old legend of King Bladud and his pigs, who founded Bath. The hot Bath springs cured him and his pigs of Leprosy, so the city was founded and dedicated the miracle waters to the Celtic goddess Sul.

The 100 pigs are individually decorated by artists in an array of styles and will be auctioned off later in the year.
I managed to take a few photos of some of the pigs on Saturday, before the torrential rain arrived. This one is 'Pigasus', who is encrusted with technological bits and pieces sprayed silver.

Some are quite difficult to spot. This acrobatic pig swings high up in a tree in Queen's Square.

'Walterloo' is my favourite - I love the colours and attractive mosaic work - very appropriate for Roman Bath. He can be found standing behind the abbey.

Now onto things that I have been working on recently...... I have struggled to make my rag dolls this year, due to the RSI in my wrist. I really love creating their clothes, so came up with the idea of making one-of-a-kind miniature dresses to place on display amongst vintage treasures.

I have added two delicate dresses made from antique lace to my on-line catalogue today. They hang from small wooden coat hangers which I have covered by hand in vintage fabric.

There are also some new and unique patchwork bags with vintage brooch and button embellishments.

As well as a few brooch pillows for the boudoir dressing table, a covered basket and some original eiderdowns, perfect for this chilly summer we seem to be having!

My grateful thanks to all who made a purchase from my last update and for your kind emails.
Have a great week,
Niki x
I've just received this gorgeous gift from one of my website customers. It was a complete surprise and I feel so lucky.

Monica has just returned from holidaying in Cape Cod, USA and so included some treasures from there, along with vintage lace and a hand painted trinket pot made by herself. Thank you Monica - you are so naughty and shouldn't spoil me like this!! But thank you again x


  1. All the city councils seem to have decided on animal installations this year! yours are far more daring - I can't imagine getting past health and safety up here to have them dangling so precariously!! Aren't they beautiful! Wonderful bags and cushions - beautiful pictures and trimmings. The diddy delicate dresses are beautiful! xx

  2. Miss Niki, now I can't say "when pigs fly"!!! Exquisite items as always, my sweets.

  3. Unusual flying pigs, beautiful creations, beautiful blog - what more is there to say!!!

  4. Me encanta tu estilo romántico y antiguo en tus trabajos.Felicitaciones

  5. Thank goodness for King Bladud, otherwise we'd never get to see such fantastic pigs! Love your new creations Niki. Hope the RSI isn't too bad for you

  6. Wonderful flying pigs!!! Cape Cod did the same thing with whales a few years back (none were perched as high as your pigs, though)! =)

    Lovely additions to your shop, Niki!

  7. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Just wanted you to know that I think your blog is Enchanting...your work...Lovely...I have a little surprise for you on my blog...if you get a moment ...please do stop by...Fond regards...Palmer

  8. Pigasus indeed!
    Exquisite work as always Niki and it looks as if it is flying off the shelves, well done.
    The RSI sounds awfully painful and it must be frightfully frustrating for you.

  9. Once again, another lovely post.
    I had a look at your new creations, and they are so enchanting!
    Just like you!
    Keep up with the good work!
    Kisses Kisses

    I hope that your amazing blog goes on for many years!
    It is a truly pleasure to visit... you always seems to have more treats to delight us all, every time!
    Keep up with the GOOD WORK!
    Kisses Kisses

  11. Hi Niki, I just found your blog and wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying it. It is definitely one of my favorites. I would like you to visit me at my blog, as I have something for you there. Thanks and take care!


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