Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moody Mauves.

As some of you may have noticed, I often try to take five minutes out of my day to do something for 'me' or my surroundings. Working on my own from home has the effect of making me feel slightly loopy sometimes! - so a quick breather to think about something else other than sewing or answering emails, seems to restore the sanity levels!

Today I thought I would walk to the end of our garden where a huge buddleia bush grows in one corner. I cut a few of the sweeping branches to bring indoors.
I am quite a fan of purple - I seem to remember a debate occurred on Lucy Bloom's blog recently, as to whether it was a popular colour or not. Its certainly a nostalgic one and for me holds memories of growing up in the 70's. Fashions seemed to be either the zany orange, yellow and browns, or potty purples! I was always a lover of mad mauves and still have a soft spot for them.
And if its good enough for the butterflies....then its good enough for me!
Niki x (signed in purple of course!)


  1. I love the color purple!
    So much so that i`ve decorated my bathroom around it!
    I find it very relaxing!
    Those flowers are gorgeous!!!
    Kisses Kisses

  2. Oh I so agree, purple always reminds me of the 70's too when I was little, it seemed to be everywhere.
    Beautiful display.
    love Alison x

  3. Looks like lilac blossoms! Lovely

  4. Do you remember our paisley purple wallpaper in the loo?! NO?! Surely you must! Oh and the purple nets in the dining room! oooh! Don't you just love being a child of the 70's! Lovely little table and beautiful budliea! t.xx

  5. i, of course, am lovin' that flower bouquet - it's gorgeous! PURPLE is definitely a popular with ME =) debbie

  6. I love the purple flower on the green table. It is GOR-GE-OUS!

    Purple is the color of royalty.

    Like Debbie above, I have also painted my bathroom purple. People never believe me but when they see it they love it. I may post pix on my blog.

  7. I love purple too, I remember wearing rather a lot of purple eye shadow when I was younger. Now I think it would just make me look haggard! We use to have a buddleia in our old garden and I loved it, yours looks so good in your room

  8. I have a matching bouquet in my living room. The smell of the blooms are like honey, delicious!


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