Monday, March 01, 2010

Crazy for You!

Last week was a bit of a crazy one...

I was doing my day in the shop, returning home, making a very quick supper and then we were off again on the 18 mile round trip to take our daughter back into school for the performance of 'Crazy for You' every evening. But we loved every minute...and so did she...We wouldn't have missed it for the world...

Our gorgeous girl played the part of a flapper dancer...

and also Patricia, a rather well-to-do lady - The first year that she has been given a main part and in my view won't be the last...

She proved herself to be quite the thespian! (Proud Mum moment ;-))

And talking of Mums, Mothering Sunday is fast approaching, earlier than usual here in the UK. So I have been putting my sewing machine through its paces again all week making suitable gifts for the 14th.

Plenty of pretty brooch pillows...

And daintily decorated French bottles.
The arts and crafts style dressing table that I had in the corner, sold recently, so I replaced it with this rather lovely painted table and separate mirror...
As well as lots of feathery fluff for the boudoir look that I love ;-))

I've been changing round the displays a lot to keep the shop interesting, as I already have lots of regular customers. The people of Shepton Mallet and surrounding villages have been so welcoming and supportive...I am especially enjoying the fun chats we have, having spent the last 7 years selling via the web, this part of running a business is a bit of a novelty still!
There have also been a few more Bloggers who have very kindly made the long journey to visit, including Claire and Tracey - thank you for your visits ladies - it was lovely to meet you and to talk about vintage!

Perfect in purple (as you may know, one of my favourite colours)...
and with spring just around the corner now, a violet inspired selection.
The china display has been re-filled.
And the little bed has been dressed several times since I opened...who knew bedspreads were still so popular?
And the delphiniums that I bought over two weeks ago are still sitting pretty in the bathroom section!
Well yesterday involved another buying trip, so I will be off shortly to work my way through my haul, checking items over, laundering if necessary, and pricing up.

As we head towards longer days and hopefully some finer weather, I wish you a happy week!
Niki x
PS: I just wanted to add that at the moment I am not able to offer mail order of my shop items. The logistics involved make it very time consuming and I still need this time to find my feet and promote my new business. Thanks for your understanding.


  1. Hi Niki,
    The shop is looking really lovely, so glad to hear it's going well for you. It's a fab day here today, I can really believe Spring is on its way. The same can't be said of Shepton Mallet yesterday (I presume you were there as I also ogled those lovely Welsh blankets!) We couldn't get our car off the field, the wheels just kept spinning in the mud. Luckily, someone radioed the stewards and three big burly men came to push me out! The Munchkin declared it "very exciting"!!! That'll teach me...
    Hen xxx

  2. Now you may not know this of me, but I am a bit of a drama queen myself!
    I also have played the part of 'Patricia in Crazy for you'!!!
    Not something I get to do these days with having the boys in tow but I want to wish your daughter much success with her acting!
    Oh, by the way... I WANT that cutie little table!!!

    Love C. X
    P.S. Thanks for the link Hun. x

  3. Guenievre12:12 pm

    Bonjour, you have lovely things in your shop.
    What a nice purple "jacket", pretty with this scarf.
    Bonne semaine !

  4. Tell me about that pretty purple jacket. What size is it, how much and will you ship to America? Sea Witch

  5. The shop looks lovely as always.Hope you have lots of customers leading up to Mother's day and Easter.

    Bellaboo :o)

  6. The shop looks wonderful, great assortment of goodies. I always love your photo's. Glad your daughters show went well.

  7. The shop's looking lovely with all it's new items. So glad you have regular customers already.

    So glad the show went so well. Next stop Broadway??

    Sue x

  8. It was good to see you yesterday, albeit briefly. Glad you found some goodies :-)

    You must be so proud of your girl, what a little star she is.

  9. Hi Niki ... your girl is adorable! I thank you for these beautiful pictures ... make me company!
    A warm greeting, Maria.

  10. Hi Niki
    It was great to meet you and fantastic to finally get to Nostalgia. Jane and I loved the shop, I knew that I would but it's all new for Jane, she kept talking all the way home (2 1/2 hours)!
    We popped to Frome on the way back and found that lovely cobbled street, thanks for pointing us in the right direction.
    I hope that things are better now, looks like all of the effort with your daughter paid off, it looked like a great production.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Your shop looks absolutely gorgeous! So pleased things are going well for you!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  12. Your shop is looking great! If the day ever comes that we could make it across the pond I know I would like to check it out!! You have a lot of things that I like.

  13. Niki your store is my kind of store...I just wished you weren't so far away! I'm glad you're enjoying your customers...they can become very good friends in no time. I used to have a gift shop years ago and I really loved talking to all the people. I sold all kinds of things including coffee beans and teas and Belgian chocolates and when customers would come in I'd offer them a chocolate and some fresh coffee. They seemed to really like it and I liked the company. They seldom left without buying something. Have fun on your buying trips...that's one of the fun things about owning your own shop! Enjoy your day. Maura


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Niki xx