Friday, March 19, 2010

A Host of Golden Daffodils.

I've been saving a few vintage treasures in order to create a special springtime window display in time for the Easter holidays.
This lovely linen tablecloth has been hand embroidered in each corner with a group of golden daffodils.

An original oil painting would be the centrepiece...

and a pale yellow china jug would be perfect for holding a bunch of the real things.

Have you ever seen such a kitsch doily?!

Three dimensional daffodils have been painstakingly worked in crochet cotton and dance in a circle - ideal underneath the jug.

A sweet linen tea cosy for the Easter breakfast cuppa.
To match, I found this adorable little c1930's bunny, and plenty of vintage postcards carry on the theme.

I took them all off to the shop this morning...

Bought some fresh daffs from the flower seller on the market first thing, and then set to work arranging everything in the window.

Hmmmm....I felt it was lacking something...Yes, an Easter bonnet, and I knew just the one...

A cheerful sunny yellow window to see off the clouds and showers outside.

A few dashing red tulips crept into another corner too...spring flowers are so short lived that I like to enjoy them as much as possible whilst they are available.

Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x
One of the side windows with a 'There'll always be an England' theme.


  1. You have created a beautiful Easter window there Niki.Where DO you find all these lovely things...that's what I'd like to know!

    Bellaboo :o)

  2. Niki, another beautiful window, I wish I lived nearer then I could look in more often!

  3. What a gorgeous display.
    twiggy x

  4. Wow you have a talent for window display. I love the daffodil display.
    Hope you sell lots.

  5. Oh Niki....I LOVE your window display!!! I REALLY miss doing my was always fun hearing the kind comments from customers. Oh how I wish I was there right now as I'd buy that table cloth and doily and hat and is that a tea cozy?!!! I NEED one of those too. I just HAVE to get over to see you soon LOL! I hope you have A WONDERFUL weekend...take care.

  6. Thank you Niki, you have a good weekend too! Although, what have you done with this awful weather???

  7. I'd love to drop by and see everything in person. That doily had to have been made by someone's granny years ago. It sure is sweet in your window. Snow covered the ground here in Colorado today, so no daffodils are up yet in my yard. I'll just enjoy yours. ♥♪

  8. Love your window display!

  9. So very lovely! I am sure passersby will stop when they see all that cheery yellow.

  10. That is a beautiful Easter window display. I have to be honest and say I don't care very much for the doily, but I do really like the daffs on the edge. xx

  11. You really have put spring in the air with your super display. Adore the bunny!
    Jenny x

  12. Oh I would LOVE to wear that hat!!!!!:))

  13. People must love walking past your shop it is so cheerful a feast for the eyes, have a 'full shop' weekend. Nicky x

  14. It is a beautiful Easter!!
    I love the your Narcisus.
    Ciao Ornella

  15. I would love to live opposite your shop so I could gaze at your beautiful window displays each morning - stunning.

  16. Hi Niki

    What a beautiful display in your yellow window. That must have brightened up the whole of Shepton at the weekend!!

    Sue xx

  17. Lovely window display, Niki. I'm sure it will pull the punters in...
    Hen x

  18. oh my goodness, I have just been reading The Visitor and discovered that you now have a shop! Used to read your blog avidly but it went off my radar for some reason. We live in Bruton so I must come over and see you in Shepton soon! Love the springlike window!


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Niki xx