Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flowers for Thursday...

I'm just on my way out for another day at my shop this morning, but I thought I'd leave behind some prettiness on my blog before I left...
I'm aware that there are many new Bloggers daily joining our little (read HUGE now!) community, some of whom have recently stumbled upon my place here and kindly left a comment. Thank you and welcome to you! - I'm sure you will enjoy sharing snippets of your life with like-minded gals on the www.
If you are a new visitor to my blog, then I would just like to share with you one of my passions (I have shown my collections in past posts, so apologies to those who have seen them before)...I love to collect vintage hats, mostly from the 1950's...and if they are smothered in velvet flowers in bright colours, then so much the better!
I love to change the arrangements of them around in our home (Yes, as most of us know, hats are not just for wearing on heads, but can look fabulous on display too...Something that I had taken for granted until a lady came into my shop who hadn't thought of them as decorative items in their own right, and had only ever considered buying them to wear) Funnily enough, I don't suit hats at all, and never wear them! Occasionally I still add to my collection, but mostly now, I buy to sell-on...which can be a wrench sometimes, as there is always a new style or design to discover...

The latest hats that I have found have come from America, and will be coming with me to sit on the shelves of my shop this morning...
There's a lovely one swathed in velvet leaves with a dusting of purple and a sprinkling of forget-me-not stems...
Sold - thank you!

Perfect for Easter is this unusual cap shaped hat coated in a thick layer of yellow blossoms.

A dainty hair band with a shadow velvet leaf spray to asymmetrically trail down one side.
Sold - thank you!


This one I love - A wire framed half-hat embellished with faux pearl berries and leaves...perfect as a fairy wedding headpiece!
Sold - thank you!
And as a touch of has the power to say glamour, but the whimsical berries don't allow the wearer to be taken too seriously. Hats should be fun! :)

This last one though is staying with me...I've succumbed to the allure of velvet violets once more and she'll have to nestle in amongst my other lovelies somewhere in my collection...
Who can resist?

The flowery delights of vintage millinery have also influenced my choice for fabrics to dress my latest rag dolls. I'm working on four small dolls this week...'Rosebud' is the first to be completed, dressed in vintage Sanderson chintz and is off with me now to the shop...

Have a lovely day and thanks for dropping by...
Niki x


  1. Wow, those hats are seriously beautiful. I don't blame you for keeping the violets one and the Sanderson rosebud chintz is lovely. Hope all is going well at the shop for you.
    Hen x

  2. Wow! What a nice flower hats!!Abusolutely pretty!!

  3. I love hats from that time era, of course I love the clothing from then too. Such style. You have so many pretty ones, and I am such a hat person that I am sitting here stunned!

  4. You have a most amazing collection of hats, Niki! You were right in keeping the violets one. I'm thrilled to bits over your shop's success! =) xo

  5. What a beautiful collection you have! My mom likes to decorate with them--but I've never really thought of doing it in my own house! Silly! Love all those gorgeous vintage flowers, and they way the hats look when they're grouped together--thanks for sharing these!

    Hope you have a beautiful day!

  6. Love those hats... Love flowers... Love your blog... Blessings.

  7. So pretty Niki!
    I think we all need to come over to your house for an Easter bonnet parade!


  8. A very pretty selection of hats you have there!
    I used to love going to the hat section of the department store with my mother and trying on all the different hats when I was a child.Actually I still enjoy it now!

    Bellaboo :o)

  9. YOu have a fantastic oollection of these flowery beauties. Sea Witch

  10. OH MY...that's quite the collection of hats you have there Niki!!! I have NEVER seen so many hats in one collection and I LOVE the flowers on them. Rosebud is so sweet...I wish I had your talent. Thanks for thinking of all of us before you head out...hope you had a good time. Take care Maura

  11. I am head over heels in love with this post. EVERY Easter my sisters and I were treated to brand new hats. And every Sunday we wore hats to church .... Mother too. I miss those days.

  12. Hi Niki

    Fabulous hats, and Rosebud is beautiful.

    Glad you had a good day today, but do check your calendar!!!!

    Sue xx

  13. Anonymous9:52 am

    Hi Niki,

    I have been wonderfully entertained by regularly visiting your blog - love it.
    You are such a busy lady, don't know how you manage to fit in all you do.
    Just to say 'thankyou' and wish you much success.
    Diana B.

  14. Ooh so lovelies there Niki. I don't need to tell you what I think of hats!!I, like you always have some of my favourites on display even though I should be selling them!!

  15. Guenievre1:26 pm

    Bonjour Niki,
    ces chapeaux sont magnifiques ! Ils ont dû nécessiter des heures de travail. Mon préféré est celui avec les perles blanches.

  16. I get weak when I see ONE beautiful vintage velvet hat....but a whole photo full? oh my goodness...I'm about to pass out!
    These are just gorgeous Niki...I don't know how you can part with something so beautiful!!! I just LOVE them!!!!
    Well, to be honest here, I don't know how you can part with ANYTHING in your's ALL so beautiful!!!!!


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