Monday, March 22, 2010

Left on the Shelf

Having to work in the shop on Saturday meant the only day that I had free to visit the local antiques fair was Sunday. I wasn't expecting to find very much of interest left on the stalls, so I looked on it as a day to have a mooch with my friend in the lovely sunshine...
I was however pleasantly surprised to discover a few treasures yesterday...My favourite find was this little French basket with the special little details of a velvet ribbon ruffle and satin ribbon trim along the base...

Love the hand painted roses too!

Last week in the shop I sold an old Sanderson hat box - I hadn't banked on being able to replace it again...but ta-da, I will be able to, albeit with a slightly smaller size; a find I was very pleased to discover.

Love these old French catalogues full of fashions, home wares and furniture...Oh to be able to shop at these prices!

A fab 50's angora mix cardigan and the crinoline lady will be useful to hold my business cards.


A good rummage through the stock of one of my favourite dealers turned up some gorgeous French fabric scraps and on another stand I bought some lovely diamante costume jewellery.


Finally this little treasure was waiting for me inside one of the 'sheds' - such a sweet little thing, probably from around the 1930's; she has the teeniest little porcelain head with bead headpiece.

So shopping late at the fair can still turn up some exciting finds!

And another find that I am VERY excited about happened earlier last week...More about that another time, but here's a sneaky peek!



Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Oh my .. what great treasures. Can i please go shopping with you next time.. I can not wait to see the blue desk.. It looks like a wonderful one. Sheila

  2. Hello Niki
    I had my hands on that very same hatbox on Saturday! I toyed with it for a few minutes, wondered and pondered, and then finally my budget told me to put it back on the table! I'm glad it has found a lovely home in your shop, albeit temporarily.
    On the same stall I bought a selection of gorgeous birthday cards :-)
    You were lucky to be there on the sunny day, it was cold and damp on Saturday but Lizzie's welcoming smile made the experience just delightful.
    Hope you are having a fun Monday,
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x

  3. well done Niki, I looked at both the basket and the crinoline lady! I had to resist as it wasn't the most profitable weekend I have had at Shepton. What is so nice is that customers CAN find treasures on "day 3" at Shepton mallet. I have a friend who usually comes on the Sunday, and I am always stunned by what she finds. Have a good week, Liz xx

  4. Guenievre2:06 pm

    Quelles belles trouvailles !
    The pictures from "Chocolat Suchard" are quite old.
    Quelle chance vous avez d'avoir de si jolies choses dans votre boutique.

  5. I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the desk!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Oh, how I would love to be shopping with you. Your treasures are so much fun to see! I love the sparkly jewelry. My weekend treasures were of a totally different nature! Stop by for a quick visit to see my Colorado Sunday. Thanks for sharing. ♥♪

  7. Really nice finds. The brooches remind me of both my grandmothers. I used to love rummaging through their jewelery boxes. xx

  8. Oh find such wonderful treasures! I REALLY miss all the garage sales in the city...they usually went from Thursday to Saturday with the odd Wednesday and Sunday thrown in. It's such a long way for me to go now that we live in the country but that was one sacrifice I was willing to make. I don't regret it..but I think I'll have to just pick a day one day soon and satisfy my cravings! Have a wonderful day. Maura

  9. so jealous...had to work this weekend so couldn't get there...that desk looks fab!!

  10. I really don't know how you manage to part with all your lovely finds Niki.
    But I guess the 'water bill' has to be paid somehow!
    BF was asking after you the other day. xxx

  11. Hi Niki

    How do you manage to do it every time? Your finds are always amazing, and as for the blue desk/table ... can't wait to see the complete article!

    Sue x

  12. Awesome finds. I am so jealous and can't wait to see the painted desk/table. Just my cup of tea.
    Jenny x

  13. Wow, you have such a great eye for gorgeousness! What wonderful treasures. All the best, Nicky x

  14. Anonymous8:13 am

    Hi Niki, How funny...I was at that stand and I saw the little basket in the back of their "van". I said I realised it was probably sold but could I have a look at it anyway so they said yes and we spoke about how very pretty it was. She said a lady had just come by and bought it! I should have known it would be you! Lucky girl! The desk is GORGEOUS and the type of thing I really love. If you ever decide to let it go let me know first please!

  15. comme c'est chic chez toi maintenant waouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bien du plaisir avec ta nouvelle jolie boutique gros bisous love annemary

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