Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love is...A Tidy Dresser...

Its funny what can sometimes just pop into your head when you're least expecting it...Perhaps it was the fact that Hubby and I will soon be celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary; or perhaps it was because I have been thinking about my three girls rather a lot lately for one reason or another. Perhaps it was both of these, but also the fact that I seem to be more content these days and to be made happy by the little things, that I suddenly started thinking about that cute cartoon naked couple from the 1970's who were always finding ways to describe what 'love is...'!
Do you remember them? (Were they featured in 'Jackie' magazine perhaps? - I did buy a copy of that teen mag now and then.) I'd not thought about these little characters for years and how incredible that the brain has the capacity to store such random memories of the teeniest things...
and that something can trigger that memory, or otherwise it will stay firmly locked away and not remembered.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but it got me thinking that nowadays it can be just the smallest of things that make me happy with my lot.
Today it was 'dresser love'!
'Love is...' a tidy dresser.
It took me most of the day, in between some lovely customers, to price up and arrange all the new stock that I found over the weekend. Having the shelves of the dresser restocked with all the cheerful floral plates was all I needed to make it a good day. The fact that once again I had to do the supermarket shop on my way home this evening, cook the family meal once I was home and then try to finish off the ironing that I started weeks ago, didn't come into it...
'Love is...' being happy with your lot.
Hope you had a good day too!
Niki x


  1. Well if I can't be there in person, I can always dream that I'm in your shop with all these gorgeous photos you're sharing, Niki! Happy Anniversary, by the way! =)

  2. At last there was Vintage and Retro in my area - we went to Harrogate and though there were only a few stalls (the poor organiser had had lots of cancellations when they realised it was M's day) I met a lovely lady from Derbyshire called HestaNesta and I bought a beautiful cushion off her. I cannot believe I bought a cushion I can make them in a flash but no -this one I had to have! There is one in York later so we will probably go. She kindly told me where to get large quantities of lavender and some of her cushions were just solid lavender - mmmmmmm,Your shop just gets better all the time, by the way in our office we are involved in regeneration of market towns and I got an email about the Shepton Mallet 'do' it sounds exciting.

  3. It's great when you can do those 'little' jobs, the satisfaction is immense.
    I cleaned out the patio pond and the fountain pump and the big filters...very smelly job! But, done in lovely sunshine. Immesurable as I said previously LOL!
    Congratulations in advance of your upcoming 'milestone' Wedding Anniversary!

    Thanks for the post of the dresser, you've certainly got the knack for displaying, beautifully.

    Sandie xx

  4. How funny that you should remember the 'Love Is' cartoons which as you say were very popular in the 1970s. I think we saw them in the Evening Standard newspaper in London, where my new hubby and myself were just starting out in a basement flat off the New Kings Road in Fulham. But the thing is, while you were tidying your dresser we were sorting 'stuff' stored away in a container from when we left our London house 10 years ago. Among the old books my husband found postcard 'love letters' he had sent to me from a business trip to the USA in the second year of our marriage. We also celebrated a special anniversary in January, though I suspect a rather longer one than yours. Congratulations are due just the same!

  5. We used to get that cartoon here in the States in a local weekly newspaper. I would cut out the relevant ones and drop them off on my boyfriend's desk as I passed by on my way to my own desk in English class...that was in 1970-71. Those little people cropped up in greeting cards that we gave each other in that era and we even drew them on notes we'd leave for one another...BTW, he's my DH now, we've been married almost 33 years..Thanks for the memory =-) I love your blog and if I am ever in Bath I will try to find your lovley shop. ...And that rose dish!!! Oh my goodness, I pined over that one yesterday and here it is again today! Happy Anniversary to you!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I will be celebrating 32 years to the man of my dreams come Monday. I remember those cartoons as a teen in New Jersey. Loved your dresser!

  7. I remember this cartoon too but I think it was in a National Newspaper. I don't somehow think it would be Jackie as that was what my daughter read. Your dresser looks lovely cant wait to see it.

  8. Yes, I do remember that little couple, and I do think they must have been in our newspaper, as well. Cute!

  9. So funny I just posted a love is... cartoon on my facebook page two days ago! People think the guy looks like my husband ;)

    Did you get my email about the Sanderson slipcover? Drop me a line if you get a moment.

    Lisa xo

  10. Oh how I wish I was close to your shop...what fantastic things and incredible the way it is displayed...love it!

  11. Niki, I love your dresser.. full of beautiful vintage goodies! wish I could give you a visit..

  12. Such a beautiful shop you have!! And yes, I remember the love is...I think I cut out every one!!

  13. Hi Niki
    These cartoons were in the Daily Mail. I used to cut out relevant ones and send them to my boyfriend/now husband when he was away at sea.
    I am green with envy that you find so many wonderful things. How very sad that the wife didn't ever wear those pyjamas & that she never wore them for him!
    I keep reading your blog and am amazed that you find time to write so often. Sorry I don't always leave a message but I do enjoy reading it and seeing all your lovely photos of the shop.

  14. I have a few of those love is cartoons, I love them! Not sure who published them first but too I read Jackie magazine! I found out today (how strange you should also mention it) that the mag was named after Jacquline Wilson, the teenage fiction author! Nothing to do with your lovely post though LOL.
    Glad you're doing OK Hun. xxx

  15. Hi Niki

    As Ruth said - the Love Is cartoons were in the Daily Mail. We used to search them out every morning. It's our 33rd WA on 31st March. Somewhere I still have a book of the cartoons. Sadly her husband died the year we were married.

    Happy special anniversary!

    Sue xx

  16. Hi Niki, I'm coming up to Shepton this weekend but will only be in the area Sat and Sun, are you going to be open on Sat or will you be at Shepton too? Would love to pop in to see you and your shop - it's looking soooo gorgeous!
    Christine x

  17. I just LOVE your newest finds & you have arranged them all so beautifully! As I've said before, I'm so sad that I can't visit your shop in person.


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