Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Just Came Early...

No, I'm actually not talking about the cold snap that still grips us here in the UK, even though the landscape at the moment is a truly magical winter wonderland...

What I am referring to is 'brown paper packages tied up with strings'...and the overwhelming gratitude I have been feeling.

Some of you may know that I have been selling on-line since 2003. During those 7 years or so, I have sold many items to like-minded ladies. Some of them I have had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face at fairs, or in my shop, but many have remained 'secret', whilst we communicate only through email and through my notes pushed in with their parcels. Even so, I still consider these lovely ladies as friends as we exchange those few lines on-line.

One lady, who lives in Scotland, has supported my business regularly over the years and has been very kind to me. She has had more than her fair share of downs rather than ups, and where possible, I have tried to send a reassuring message to her now and then. She has now found the strength and courage to move on with her life, and has chosen to part with many of the items that she collected, which helped her get through the more difficult times. I do hope she doesn't mind me telling you this...

I was completely surprised when she emailed to say that she would like to send a little parcel of lace off to me, as she knew I would be able to make use of it. I, of course, said I'd be thrilled to receive such a parcel and thanked her for thinking of me...
Well, a week or so ago, this is what arrived!
What can I say? - 'Overwhelmed' always sounds so naff! - But I can honestly say I was speechless...the large box was filled to the brim with a wonderful assortment of vintage loveliness, including the lace that she mentioned. It has taken me a while to go through it all, but I have now taken a few photos...would you like to see?

The two items below are fragile silk cushion covers; both embellished with silk ribbon embroidered flowers. (I photographed one on my favourite chair - seen above.)

There were colourful millinery flowers...

This delightful padded sachet case, perfectly decorated with braid and velvet flowers that contrast so beautifully with the black fabric.

More pretty cases and sachets in stunning vintage fabrics.

And then there's the lace...

Just look at this adorable boudoir cloche cap finished with tiny ribbon rosette flowers...

Long kid gloves amongst ribbons and lace...
Hand embroideries and dainty handkerchiefs.

An assortment of dressing table accessories.

And a framed wedding photograph.
And then there is the vintage and antique ephemera...
Pretty vintage greetings cards...

Victorian cabinet cards...

Some charming wedding photos...

And finally, postcards...


Thank you P for such a generous gift. I have had such fun opening up all the packages inside the parcel and I've been finding places for most of the items amongst my collections. Some of the lace and such will be recycled and become clothes and trims for my fairy folk and my handmade dolls, so will eventually find its way into my shop.
Niki x
"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others, belong to us as well." - Voltaire


  1. Niki
    What a lovely suprise, the saying, " what goes around comes around", apt in your case as you obviously befriended this lady, in your usual kind way.
    T X

  2. Anonymous5:23 pm

    What fun you must have had going through that box! I bet the bits and pieces look lovely in your home and I expect the lady concerned gets a great deal of joy knowing how much you appreciate their history.

  3. It couldn't have gone to a better home Niki. LLX

  4. Wow, wow, wow.. with a capital Wonderful!

  5. How wonderfully kind...I am sure you will put everything to good use.
    Julie x

  6. Wow, it is all I can say too!

  7. Wow, it is all I can say too!

  8. Hi Niky ... this person has been very generous! His gifts are wonderful ... I have a lot of nostalgia! sigh...
    I wish you good work
    and a dear greeting, Maria.
    (With translator)

  9. Like Tracey says.. "What goes around comes around" and I am a firm believer in this. Beautiful goodies Niki, you will certainly have hours of deserved pleasure with these treasures. xx

  10. Oh how utterly wonderful - and I can imagine the overwhelm...ness of it all. But things like this happen for a reason - and you must have deserved all this - in the lovely lady's eyes. And so - feel the love (without sounding too hippy) - and feel proud that you have meant so much to someone else.


  11. You lucky girl, that is beautiful.Gillx

  12. Your kindness to this lovely lady over the years has been rewarded. She knew that you were the perfect person to appreciate her treasures x

  13. Thank you ladies for your kind and understanding comments.
    P emailed me to say that you have brought a tear to her eyes...she loves it that you 'get it'.
    Thank you,
    Niki x

  14. Oh my! I wish I'd been there to help you sort through the contents. Every one is a gem. What gorgeousness. I hope the lady in question finds happiness in her new life. xx

  15. Exquisite! I am a firm believer in kismet and what goes around comes around.. Just rewards Niki.. and well deserved.
    Michele xx

  16. A truly lovely gift for a lovely lady.
    Such beautiful things could not have found a more perfect home and I'm sure P gained much from being able to express her appreciation of your support in such an appropriate way.
    Carol xx

  17. How lovely, and what a wonderful surprise. I recently purchased a lady's vintage collection as she was emigrating, it was like Christmas had come early so I know how you must feel. Like you I am keeping some of the things I bought from her, and some I will pass on. What a beautiful and pretty collection.
    Jo xx

  18. What a fantastic parcel to receive. I'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful things you make from all those delightful bits and pieces.

  19. how wonderful - but a give and take friendship is special - you are appreciated - how lovely and a gift to always remember. Helen x

  20. Wow! I bet your were speechless, I would be too. What an amazing treasure trove of goodies! How very generous of your friend. You must have made quite a difference in her life. For that in itself must feel very rewarding. What a wonderful Thank you.


  21. How wonderful but she must have thought you deserved it. When you are down just a message from someone that lets's them know you are thinking of them can make all the difference.
    It must have been like Christmas came early when you opened the box.x


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