Monday, December 13, 2010

Some of My Recent Finds...

I'll start with this chappy, as I can see him being one of those things, you'll either love him...or not!

I'm guessing he's from around the 1930's. He's handmade from magenta and purple satin, and is a pyjama case.
My friend, who I was shopping with when I found him on Sunday, said 'fancy waking up to him every morning...scary!' She couldn't see the appeal!
So moving on...
for now... :)
I bought some fabulous buttons over the weekend.
Lots of mother-of-pearl beauties here.
A sweet collection of Victorian and Edwardian travel accessories.
The wallet/photo frame is so pretty.

This little box was almost overlooked, but just see what was inside...several dainty antique shoe buckles and clasps.
This hand painted silk Victorian padded box is delicious!

A Barbola beauty and some vintage bling...

Art Nouveau tin and a pretty brocade evening bag.
French dress patterns from the 1950's.
I bought some more of these bottles, as I have sold out of the last selection that I bought.
And the glass bead necklaces are perfect for the party season.
Just because...Two wacky c1930's spill holders, shaped as parrots!
Antique lace to use in my next projects...


There were several panels of this Sanderson linen of a French style.

A framed floral print.

And finally the 'keepers'! ;-))
Another silk hand painted Victorian box; this one dated 1882 inside the lid...

The silk velvet evening bag in a beautiful pea-green, will be added to my vintage handbag collection. And I intend to wear the glorious handmade c1930's velvet corsage as often as I have the opportunity to do so!

Most of the other treasures found their way into my shop today, as well as a few other pieces.
This old wooden box made a lovely toy chest in one of my window displays...which kept evolving all day, as I added more things to it.
Here he comes again...

Hopefully he won't scare away any potential customers! ;-))
A fifties party frock features in one of the side windows...
Accompanied by matching vintage accessories.
Later on, Jester was joined excitedly by Angus, the threadbare pooch...somebody does love him after all!

Finally, if anyone would like to give Joy (a one-of-a-kind rag doll angel) a home, she is now at the special price of Joy in now sold, thank you! - for sale within the UK only.
Niki x


  1. Niki,
    You've got some gorgeous finds there, especially the buckles and fabric. But I'm really sorry, I agree with your friend :) He's definately a love him or hate him kinda guy, and I'm the former. Although strangely I can understand the latter ? ;0)
    Have a great week.
    Donna x

  2. Oo-er not sure about the jester! Lovely to look at - then turn my head quickly! But of course he is beautiful and I think I would have been tempted to buy him if I'd found him first. Your other finds are also so desirable as usual.One day I'll get over to your shop when family circs allow. Best wishes, Cx

  3. Hi Niki...
    Wonderful...I want to be there! Sigh!
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  4. oh how i love your romantic world...singing and

  5. Some wonderful finds Niki, really gorgeous things.
    Not sure I'd want to wake up to the jester but I think he looks at home in your window display.
    Carol xx

  6. Lovely buys Niki, but I am with your friend on the jester!
    T X

  7. Ohhh I LOVE the Jester.. out of interest, how much is he? Beautiful window displays. Mandy x

  8. I love all your finds especially the old photo frame but I'm not a jester fan I'm afraid.

  9. I think I'm with you on the jester. Love his legs!! How on earth did you manage to find such lovely stuff on Sunday? Silly question I suppose, as I've shopped with you often enough! Gorgeous buttons!


  10. Would you be able to post the Jester out if I were to purchase him? What would the P&P be to Sussex? xx

  11. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Lovely finds but not sure about the jester. Haunting face (in more ways than one!)

  12. Thanks for your interest Mandy. I have replied to your request via your website - Hope that is OK.

  13. How fabulous to come across your blog. I am a big fan of Turn Back Time and had spotted your shop in the background and ached to go inside!! And now - via the magic of blogging - I can!


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