Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Snow...

Well, I guess I spoke a little too soon...
Overnight we had more snow...
Which meant getting off our driveway was going to be tricky...

And after half and hour, having only seen the occasional 4x4 drive past, I decided not to make the 25 mile round trip to my shop this morning in my little (non-4x4!) car.

Tuesday is another day and hopefully the weather will be a little less risky.
So being housebound has had its advantages today...Its meant a bit of this has started to happen...


Birdies have flown in...

And wreaths have been hung...
The bauble wreath that I made found its usual spot.



I have a bit of a 'thing' for wreaths!
Keep warm and enjoy your weekend,
I'm off to bake mince pies,
Niki x


  1. So so wonderful, Niki! Hope you'll show more of your festive home soon!
    Hugs, and keep warm!

  2. Your right to not go out in that weather, we have lots of snow here too. Your home is looking very festive :) We'll put our tree up today

    All things nice...

  3. I particularly like the indoor snowy wreath with the baubles. Did you make that one?
    Brilliant place to hang the heart-shaped one.
    More snow here, too. My car made it back from the shops but husband had to abandon his and walk back. We've tickets for two Christmas theatre trips this weekend. Don't think we'll be going to either. xx

  4. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Ah yes we have a white blanket too and more snow coming our way from the Canal...I love it for a while but for those out there on the road for work and shopping...humm...
    Enjoy while it lasts, hey
    Lieve groeten
    Godeliva van Ariadone

  5. Anonymous4:23 pm

    So beautiful especially the bauble wreath
    xx fee

  6. a wise decision Niki, a ton of snow fell on Shepton - see my blog for some pics

    Your door wreath looks wonderful with a snowy topping :-)

  7. The snow is beautiful! I'd definitlely not risk getting out on the roads. Love all of your wreaths!

  8. How wonderful to have real snow on your door wreath! And your bauble wreath is amazing, looks particularly good against the all white fireplace. No snow here, alas, or yippee! depending on your point of view!

  9. Hi Niki

    I didn't venture to DH today - and achieved at home! The armoire made it downstairs to the hall, still plenty of faffing to do, but it's there! A set of shelves/plate rack got fixed to the wall in the sitting room. I walked to the shops in Somerton, did some Christmas shopping, cooked a meal (a novelty!) and conveniently chose to ignore the accounts again!

    Will hopefully make it to DH tomorrow, but don't fancy struggling with the icy roads. We'll see what it's like in the morning.


  10. Beautiful wreaths Niki, especially the bauble one.
    Don't blame you for not driving in the snow, just not worth risking life and limb. Only a slight covering of snow in South Yorkshire but it is still freezing.
    Carol xx

  11. Love all your wreaths niki:0)
    Pleased the jester found a new forever (hopefully) home.
    Have a lovely, merry Christmas.
    Take care.
    Donna x

  12. Oh boy that bauble wreath takes my breath!
    The snow is so pretty...have fun, make memories!!!
    Merry Christmas Niki :)


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