Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Hope You Had Fun...

Hope you all had a very Happy Christmas this year.
It was lovely for us to have all our girls together.
(Thank you for your kind wishes - our eldest made it through the festivities with her 'flu-plus' tablets to hand.)
We enjoyed gift giving in the living room...

And some good food.



After the two day confinement, we went off to the cinema to watch a fun family movie - You're never too old, you know! ;-))

(Megamind, images courtesy of Dreamworks Animation)

We also hit the sales, but, despite vouchers burning a hole in our pockets, we weren't very inspired...

So today, middle daughter and I decided to visit the Jane Austen Museum in Bath, as we had promised ourselves for a long time...Not entirely sure I'd recommend it...although some improvement work was ongoing...
I did buy a lovely poster of the fashions of the time in the gift shop, which I will cut up and use in some crafting later this week. I still have a few days off before I plan to be back at my shop - Having been away from my PC for several days over the Christmas period, I realised how much time I spend on it...It does beg the question; ' to blog, or not to blog'...I think I do need to cut back next year and to post less, to give myself the 'me' time I have been unable to have this year...So this will be my New Year's resolution...(I had planned on writing my 'look back' at 2010 as my last post for this year, so hope to find the time for that.)
Enjoy the final days of 2010,
Niki x


  1. We will miss you... I do understand the need and don't post on my blog very often at all. You are such a busy girl, I always wondered how you did it all.
    <3 U and your blog and will watch for the less but still lovely postings.
    <3 Terri

  2. Oh how we will miss you but quite understand the need for "me" time, you amaze me how much you cram into your very busy life. Hope you don't stop blogging altogether.
    Carol xx

  3. I will miss your beautiful photos! I can't wait to come and see the shop for real in the new year sometime! x

  4. I agree - I also spend too much time on-line - but I do enjoy it! :)

  5. Hi Niki, I know exactly what you mean re blogging time. I manage much less than I really want to do but often, the shop takes all of my energies and it's early to bed and another day at work ... though I really enjoy it, no doubt about that. It's been an eventful year in Shepton Mallet and I hope to hear that your High Street goes from strength to strength. All the best for 2011.
    Love Lesley XX

  6. Hope you don't give up completely. It is addictive this blogging lark - can you keep away!
    Maybe should blog once every two or three weeeks?
    Have a Wonderful New Year and hope that the shop goes from strength to strength.

  7. I always enjoy visiting and seeing things across the pond! I'm in total agreement about the time spent blogging. You have such a lovely shop and it must take lots of your time to make it so appealing!

    Thanks for sharing with us. Best wishes for a Happy New Year. ♥♫

  8. Hi Niki ...
    here everything went well.
    Very cool.
    Beautiful your home and your girls!
    I hope you make us the company of your blog even in the new year!
    Do not leave us, please! :o(
    Your pictures are always wonderful...
    A dear dear greetings, Maria.
    (with translator)

  9. Hope you can still keep blogging as it will make a lovely diary for your family in years to come.

  10. Thanks for this lovely post (we enjoyed Megamind en fran├žais - it didn't seem to lose much!). I've found something strange about blogging less - one photo with a little comment (taking perhaps 5 minutes to post) can often interest readers and provoke comments as much, or more than a long one. Could you stay with us on that basis, Niki??? It would be nice to keep you whilst knowing you had your 'you' time as well...

  11. Dear Niki
    Ah, your Christmas looks very restful and cosy and full of family fun :-)
    I went to the JA museum last year for the first time - I'd not recommend it. I think it's very poor actually as there's very little there - "museum" seems rather hyperbolic! I was glad I got in free with the Discovery Card ;-) Though the cafe was very nice!!

    Anyway, I hope you find a good balance in your blogging/internet schedule so that you can have plenty of quiet time too. Blogging seems to lose it's habit after a week or so, don't you find?

    Wishing you a very happy New Year with lots of time for you and what matters most to you at top of your list of priorities!

    Sending you a big hug
    Denise x


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