Saturday, December 11, 2010

Furry Friend

I'm not normally one to get excited about clothes for myself, and actually don't enjoy going out shopping for them, but every now and then, a little treasure comes along to make me feel good.

I popped into the 'age UK' charity shop in Shepton Mallet yesterday and was looking through the coat rail...
When this little beauty spoke to me. She's a faux fur knee length coat, probably from the early 1970's. She appeared unworn and was my size!

After purchasing her, I couldn't wait to take her back to my shop and try her on again in my shop's fitting room. I love her - such a lovely warm coat too.
I know that she wouldn't be to everyone's taste...
My girls think I should go and live in Lapland!!...

But hey, my bargain coat makes me happy!
Have a great weekend,
Niki x
PS: thank you for all of your kind comments to my post below - I love it that you 'get it' and P was very touched by your sentiments too. :)


  1. Anonymous9:09 am

    Its something that I would have bought for myself too, it really suits you
    xx fee

  2. So much better being an individual Niki!
    You just need a Laplander type hat to finish the look!
    T X

  3. It's to my taste. Lovely. Congrats on a great find. xx

  4. That's fantastic! I think you look great in it, and so warm, too...

    I got in a bit of trouble from my son for wearing a man's vintage waistcoat to a Christmas Do last night - but Ben told me I looked great, so I ignored the traumatised adolescent!

  5. Love it!
    I had a lovely purple midi coat with cord'frog' fasters, it had a hood too, I wore it until it was shiny with wear! It then had a 'second life' as a boot liner for my then boyfriends' Mini car!

    Sandie xx

  6. Beautiful coat, Niki, and it really suits you.
    Well spotted!
    Hope you are having a great weekend too.
    Carol xx

  7. It was fate! You were meant to have that coat! LOL Enjoy it all this cold winter and many more besides!

  8. I love it on you! It's always so much fun to find something that makes us feel special. It's a very nice looking coat. Enjoy wearing it because it suits you perfectly.

  9. Hi Niki ...
    nice and warm your new (old) coat furry friend!
    You wear it very well ....;o))
    Good weekend to you too, Maria.
    (With translator)

  10. What a bargain! And what a lucky girl to receive such a wonderful bumper package from 'P'. Only just getting round to catching up with your posts. Speak soon xx

  11. Ooooh Niki! You look WONDERFUL!!

  12. love the coat and just what you need for the cold weather.x


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