Friday, December 17, 2010

Wintry Weather

I'd just driven the 12 or so miles to Shepton Mallet this morning, when the snow began to fall quite heavily...
Luckily I had decided not to park my car in its usual place, but I pulled-in on the main road going in, in the hope that even if we had a deep fall of snow, it would remain passable.
Much as I love Shepton, I didn't really want to spend the night in my shop!
The market traders packed up early today...who can blame them? And I did consider shutting up early myself.

I know we didn't have as much snowfall as some areas of the country, but it doesn't seem to take very much before everything grinds to a halt.

I've heard on the news this evening how some people won't be receiving parcels in time for Christmas now, due to the huge backlog. Perhaps there will be some last minute shopping on the High Streets instead, as people shop the old fashioned way again!!!

I've sent out a few parcels recently, so can only hope that they will make it in time now...
And I've only just managed to find the time to write my Christmas cards and they all went into the post box this morning. I'm so behind this year! I love having the shop, but it's meant quite a big change to my life. What I have missed this year is having the time to do some Christmas crafting for myself and the family. All my time at the shop has been taken up with making things to sell. When I get home, I am usually trying to catch up with housework.

I have three more days to do now before Christmas; tomorrow, next Tuesday and Thursday. Then I shall be taking a whole week off...I'm hoping there will be lots of family time for us, time to stop and think, recharge the batteries and come up with new ideas and plans for 2011.

I'm sure you are all busy too, and have better things to do than sit reading my I shall wrap this up in a moment...Besides, there really are so many things I should be doing that don't involve me sitting here...
Thank you to those who have kindly sent Christmas cards to me at the shop. And thank you for the comments you generously leave on my blog. I'm sorry that some of you weren't very keen on my Jester doll in the last post!...I thought he had a lovely kind smile...
I am happy to say that he found a new home today...and so I will no longer be tempted to keep him out of sympathy! ;-))

Our youngest daughter broke up from school today, so as is tradition in our family, we shall be buying our Christmas tree over the weekend and decorating our home.

Hope you have a lovely weekend too!
Niki x


  1. What great photos of the snow. Looks like a very romantic scene indeed. Enjoy your week off with family, and your tree decorating! :)

  2. weather maps from Global Forecast System

  3. Oh I know it is such a bother for you but so lovely. Still longing for snow here in Texas.

  4. Happy Christmas!! With love from Russia!!

  5. Reading your 'waffle' as you call it gives me the boost I need to get on and do things.
    Great finds. Especially that little box of buckles.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, a lovely rest and a successful New Year. Hope I get to visit sometime in 2011. xx

  6. I hope you get everything done. I once spent the night in our old shop (menswear) we'd arrived to find they had broken in, by taking the bricks out of the stockroom wall! We had to sleep there as we could not repair it that day.


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