Thursday, March 24, 2011

If You Go Down to the Basement Today...

During the week, my routine each evening is to think about what I shall make whilst at the shop the following day. Once I've decided, I choose suitable fabrics from my workroom, as well as the lace, buttons or trims that I shall need.
In the morning I can then just grab the carefully chosen items and concentrate on getting myself to work on time.

I have to be fairly disciplined in order to achieve this every day, but it means I can use the time at the shop to create more stock, and it also means I am never bored, even on quieter days.

I'm happy to work hard all day, but sometimes when I get home again, I am tired...which means I slip into lazy habits and don't put the fabrics that I've been using that day, away properly. It then spirals, so when I buy new fabrics etc. I have nowhere clear to put them...

So, after a year of this sort of thing going on...My workroom at home now looks like this. (Not pretty - I'm sorry if I'm shattering any illusions! ;-))

So, what did I do about it? I picked the sunniest day of the year so far(!) to start on the tidy-up...I pulled all of the fabrics off the shelves and folded and sorted them all...and they now look like this.

I even managed to find space for all my recently purchased fabrics too. I filled up two carrier bags with scrappy scraps - Too precious to throw away, but limited by size - I have some ideas from these, which I shall reveal if they come to fruition!

The rest of the workroom is almost there, but I've run out of daylight hours today to take any more photos, so will show the other areas of my workroom another time (for anyone remotely interested! - I always wonder when Blogging about mundane stuff, if anyone really is interested!?!)

I discovered a few hidden treasures that I had forgotten I had bought and consequently not taken to the that was a nice surprise.
There was quite a bit of linen and lace...
As well as Victorian nightgowns.

Vintage hand towels.

Even china!

I love this set of Edwardian tea plates. (These sold today - thank you!)

A matching trio.

And a pretty red and white set, which I arranged in a basket today.

I bought several of these little Deco frames at the weekend. To one I added this sweet vintage print. The others have fragments of pretty antique fabrics in them, which I shall take with me to the fairs I shall be attending soon. (Read Linda's blog post about the beautiful Abbey Barn that will be used for the T for T event, here.)
So here I am making a promise to myself to try harder to keep my workroom tidy, and so more usable. Its already helped to inspire me, after I found things I'd forgotten I had, so fingers crossed. :)
Have a lovely evening,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki

    That must have been quite a job! How rewarding though as it looks so lovely and neat now. Wonderful stash of fabrics!
    The beauty of having a tidy up is rediscovering things we had forgotten all about :-)
    Isabelle x

  2. Mundane?! Amongst such prettiness nothing could be mundane!

  3. I would have enjoyed helping you sort your workroom, sunny day or not!
    Carol xx

  4. More pictures of the workroom please...I'm nosy:) I love to see that I'm not the only one with a messy workroom.

  5. What is it about Spring that just makes us want to spring-clean! I tidied up my wardrobe a few weeks ago - all the clothes not worn for well over a year had to go to the charity shop - I was a bit ruthless but now it all looks far better - all the trousers together, shirts etc. The question I always pose is how long can I keep it going before I'm back where I started - a bit like New Years resolutions. Your work room looks so nice with the tidy up. I'm sure it will set the creative juices flowing and you'll have some super makes for your shop!

  6. It looks fabulous and gorgeous and makes me want to run out into my studio and tidy it up. There is only room for one person in mine:) lol But its mine...all mine and it is ok if it is messy at times. Just shows how creative we are right:)?Thanks for the dose of inspiration today:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. It looks like you have been very busy! ooh I would love to have a look through all that fabric, fabric is my weakness.... I love it so much!
    Perfect time of year for a spring clean! x

  8. Remotely interested?? Oh yes indeed! It's an absolute treat to have a peek into your glorious workroom! What a delightful array of fabrics and notions - and they look just as beautiful on the floor as on the shelves! :-) It's amazing how the re-discovery of old treasures can inspire a new burst of creativity. Lovely post, thank you for sharing it with us! God bless, Brenda

  9. Makes me happy to see others that are as messy as I am.I also did a huge tidy up the other day just not sure how long it will look nice for,

  10. "Sometimes when I get home - I'm tired!" What are you like lassie? I'm not surprised your BLOOMING tired, what with looking after the family, getting up at sparrow-fart to go to sales'n stuff. Making the most glorious of creations, being charming to shoppers, blogging, cooking, keeping a lush home and now organising your fabby fabric stash. Makes my sweating sorting my treasures for our fair seem positively and pathetically pedestrian in comparison! So there! Suddenly SUPER woman I feel better getting that off my chest! Love it, love it, LOVE IT! LLX

  11. It's so satisfying to have a good tidy up isn't. I love the matching trio, such a pretty colour.

  12. So much prettiness Niki.
    I do wish I lived closer to your shop!
    Susan x

  13. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Dont you love when you find "a forgotten" when cleaning up & out! Love your studio space..Enjoyed browsing your blog and I am your newest follwer. I hope you will visit me at my blog, thanx for sharing...Tiff

  14. How many times do I have to tell you? Your postings are NEVER boring!
    I for one am a 'nosey' blogger and to find that someone has first of all a wonderful stash, let alone a bit of disorganisation, (just like 'normal' people:-) ),but can share with the rest of the blogging, you are not boring!

    Have a great weekend!

    Sandie xx

  15. I've always thought you have the most enviable stash of antique fabrics in blogland, Niki! It really must have been a treat to straighten them out and re-discover what you have!

  16. It's always the sunny days when I feel like doing things. We've been having lots of rain here, hail and high winds. Didn't feel like doing anything. I didn't even make comments on my favorite blogs. But today the sun is out. I feel like dancing! Is that some kind of solar power?

  17. It looks so tidy now! I'm doing the same thing in my workshop. I can't believe how much fabric I have and , like you, I keep finding bits I forgot I had. I'm hoping to move soon - have the house up for sale - and I need to pack it all away somehow!!
    And...your posts are not mundane - I love reading them and seeing all your lovely finds and makes. Keep them coming!

  18. What a wonderful selection you have.Like most of us we don't have enough time to always organise the things in the right places.Anyway seems like you will be busy with the shop. How I would love to own a shop like yours ,looksreally interesting . ciao Alison

  19. Tengo aproximadamente 2 años visitando tan espectacular blog,es mi favorito desearìa tener un enlace de este blog con el mio que apenas empezo en enero.Todo este blog es un tesoro...estoy enamorada de el...todo lo que aquì muestran me deja con un sabor a recuerdos,romantisismo,y nostalgia divina...los adoro.

  20. Niki I woulld never describe your posts as mundane. We don't always want to read about excitement its just nice to read about someone else's day which is usually better than your own but then when you yourself write abuot your day as well it is bound to be better than someone else's! If that makes sense. Your posts are lovely and we are all inspired by what you make and how lovely you shop - please keep up the good work. I have asked before and I know oyu are very busy but are you allowed to visit Sophie honeysuckles Blog. I am so much wondering if she has finished her kitchen and that she is OK.


Thank you for finding the time to visit me...
Niki xx